Ganapathi Ashta Homam - USD 179.00
Navagraha Homam - USD 229.00
Dasa Mahavidya Homam - USD 2,820.00
Dasavatara Maha Homam - USD 2,820.00

Problem Solving Rituals

Stay Clear of Hurdles & Make Your Good Times in the Year 2018
Every one of us faces problems at one or many time in our life. We are able to solve them by using our hard work, dedication and brainpower. But sometimes, we are not able to face and solve our problems which may be negatively affecting our whole life. At that time, we should approach for help of Divine Powers so that we can lead a happy, wealthy, healthy and peaceful life. The following problem solving rituals is an ultimate answer to solve your problems in life. It is one of the most powerful ritual for getting overall success in all undertakings in this year 2018 and it will helps to removes all kind of Doshas, problems and obstacles in one's life.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas - Ganapathi Ashta Homam Ganapathi Ashta homam - Overcome all the unbreakable Obstacles in your path to success

Lord Ganesha is one of the main five gods who show ways for overcoming problems Life. This homam invokes the lord with eight products. This homam clears all the unbreakable obstacles in path and brings you success in all matters.
 •    Ensures wealth and prosperity by clearing all types of obstacles.
 •    Attain success in all areas to live a happy life.
 •    Clears hindrances in marriage proposals.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas - Maha lakshmi HomamMahalakshmi Homam - Acquire Unlimited Wealth & Prosperity

Mahalakshmi is the goddess of wealth who play a key role in accumulating more wealth to lead an affluent life. She will bless her devotees with wealth, luxury and material richness. This homam is the suitable to improve your financial status.

      •    Prevent financial problems in an effective manner.
     •    Bestows fame, wealth, luck and fortune to lead a successful life.
     •    Increase the money flow in multiple ways by removing the obstacles.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas - Navagraha Homam Navagraha Homam - Keeps Favour of All Planets Throughout The Year

The Nine planets are treated as deities in Vedic astrology. These planets control each and every aspect of human's life and has the power to change one's life. Navagraha Homam makes the planets to favour you in all situation and also it clears the doshas in life.

 •    Reduces karmic issues and doshas to reach high levels in life.
 •    Attain blessings from nine gods to ensure success in all endeavors by reducing obstacles. 
 •    Gain greater knowledge and wisdom.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas - Maha Sudarshana HomamMaha sudarshana Homam – Reach High Position in Business & Career

Lord Vishnu, the supreme God is considered as the protector of earth who helps for living a peaceful life. The Sudarshana chakra of Lord Vishnu is considered as a powerful weapon which is mainly used for destroying demons and ill forces. This homam improves your career and helps in getting job promotion.

•    Ensures financial stability in life by removing obstacles.
•    Lives a happy and prosperous life by eradicating various problems.
•    Attain success in all endeavors.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas - Chandi HomamChandi Homam – Eradicate Hurdles & Negative Forces for the Entire Year

Goddess Chandi is known for her fierce form and plays a key role in protecting devotees from potential threats and risks. Doing Chandi homam once in a year eradicate all  hurdles and negative forces in your path.

•    Free from evil eyes and curses to gain better prospects.
•    Removes bad effects and makes life healthy, wealthy and prosperous.
•    Eradicate negative forces in life.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas - Mrityunjaya HomamMrityunjaya Homam - Ensure Good Health For Extending the Life Span

Mrityunjaya is another name of Lord Shiva who cure all your disease and incconquer over untimely death in life. Seeking his blessing helps to increase your life span. This homam ensures good health for extending your life span.

•    Reduce accidents, injuries and heath disorders.
•    Extends the life span by reducing the perils in life.
•    Prevent premature deaths and eradicates negative forces.

Problem Solving Rituals and Pujas -  Swayamvara Parvathi HomamSwayamvara Parvathi Homam - Strengthen Your Relationships & Solve Delay Marraige Problems

Swayamvara Parvathi is the bridal form of Goddess Parvathi Devi, the consort of Lord Shiva. This Homam enables you to find your perfect life partner, eliminate the obstacles that postpone your marriage and strengthen the relationship between you and your spouse.

•    Eliminates obstacles that delay marriage.
•    Solves post-marital problems and married couples will enjoy prosperous married life.
•    Helps to find a perfect match of your choice.

Problem Solving Rituals and PujasDasa Mahavidya Homam – Get Super Blessings of Ten Maha Vidya to Get all Potential in Life

Dasa mahavidya yagya is to invoke the 10 manifestations of the supreme feminine power. There are supposedly 10 goddesses who cover up the whole concept of divinity ranging from the subtle to the extremely supreme power. Invoking each maha vidya who has a super specialty power give you all potential in life.

•    Destroy negative tendencies and to safeguard one of black magic.
•    Remove poverty and bring good luck.
•    Attain victory in court cases and cure any sort of disease.

Problem Solving Rituals and PujasDasavathara Homam – Obtain Unique Blessings Of 10 Avatars of  Vishnu to Achieve Lifetime Goals

Dasavataram refers to the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. These avatars play a major role in shaping human evolution through centuries. Dashavatar Homam is performed to invoke the powers of ten forms of Lord Vishnu. Dasavathara Homam removes planetary doshas, subdues enemies and helps to achieve lifetime goals.
•    Relieve from any sorts of troubles in life.
•    Obtain divine blessings of Lord Maha Vishnu.
•    Removes bad karma and miseries in life.

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Ganapathi Ashta Homam
USD 179.00
Dasa Mahavidya Homam
USD 2,820.00
Dasavatara Maha Homam
USD 2,820.00