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Mula Nakshatra

and Nirruti Devata Homam


Significance of Mula Nakshatra

Mula nakshatra is a critical nakshatra in the Indian astrology realm. The nakshatra is also defined as the foundation or basis star; the nakshatra helps people born under it in making the concrete foundation of any event. Goddess Nirruti is the mighty godhead who rules Mula Nakshatra; she is the goddess of destruction and lives in the dead region. The powerful goddess Nirruti is also linked with the supreme goddess Mahakali. Goddess Nirruti grants utmost courage and strength to the devotees to fight every catastrophe of their lives. Lord Prajapati is the secondary deity linked with Mula Nakshatra; he is lord of progeny. His blessings help people born in this nakshatra bear healthy and active offspring.

The symbol of Mula nakshatra is a reticulated root that signifies a large bunch of roots packed or stacked together. Elephant’s goad also represents Mula nakshatra which demonstrates power. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign which falls in the Mula Nakshatra realm. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer are the fundamental padas linked with Mula Nakshatra. Ketu is the planet that safeguards the nakshatra, and Brahma is the Trimurti who guides this star.

Mula Nakshatra Homam

Boons of Mula Nakshatra

Here are a few favourable elements linked with Mula Nakshatra-

  • People with this nakshatra are quite good at amassing knowledge and becoming proficient in their lives.
  • Mula nakshatra benefits people with great calibre to do wonders in science and exploration areas.
  • People with Mula nakshatra have great prospects in concentration, meditation and other related areas.
  • People under this nakshatra’s influence have pure hearts and loyal nature which helps them lead a fulfilling and blissful life.

Banes of Mula Nakshatra

Here are a few harmful elements linked with Mula Nakshatra-

  • People with Mula nakshatra are unlucky in marital and related areas.
  • The nakshatra hampers people’s capability of making the right decisions; it leads to diplomatic problems.
  • People with this nakshatra have a hard time dealing with financial crunches.

If you are born under Mula Nakshatra’s influence, then make sure you are aware of all its facets. At our end, we execute Mula Nakshatra and Nirruti deity Homam to bring all the elements of Mula Nakshatra in your favour. In Homam, we will conduct special worship of Nirruti devata to get all the benefits of Mula nakshatra in your favour.