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Lord Sharabha Homam

To Nullify Negative effects in life


As per Vedic scripture, in order to calm down Narasimha the avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva took the form of Sharabha . After exterminating the Hiranyakashipu Demon king Narasimha was not conciliated, so in order to appease Lord Narasimha all devas requested Lord Shiva to tackle Narasimha. Firstly, Lord Shiva took the form of Virabhadra one of his scaring form of Shiva to calm down Narasimha, but it was failed so Lord Shiva took the Human-Lion-bird form Sharabha.

Why Lord Sharabha Homam?

Lord Sharabha homam is the most powerful homam which helps to get away from the negative effects influence in one’s life. Those who perform this homam are blessed with good fortunes and all success in life. This powerful homam make a positive vibration around you and your work place.

Benefits Of Performing Lord Sharabha Homam

  • Lord Sharabha blesses his devotees to achieve all fortunes and victory in life.
  • Performing this homam helps to get frees from any sorts of evil effects in life.
  • Sharabha homam helps to eliminate any sorts of negative effects in life.
  • Performing this homam brings positive vibration around to lead a mind peace and joyful life.

Ideal Days To Perform This Homam

The most preferable days to perform this homam is on Panchami and Thrayodashi Thiti’s that comes on Mondays, Rahu kalams are also well suited time to conduct this homam.

Choosing Services From Vedic folks

Vedic folks is a leading Vedic firm which offers excellent services when organizing Lord Sharabha homam. Expert priests and pundits will give ideas for doing the homam at the right time to obtain optimum results. One can also book the services through online from anywhere in an easy manner.

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