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Kirata Varahi Homam

Greets Life with Joy, Glory & Infinite Godsends

About mighty Goddess Kirata Varahi

Kirata Varahi is one of the oldest and most revered avatars of the goddess Varahi. She holds special significance in Odisha state of the Indian subcontinent. She is the Goddess of turbulent waters and disasters. Many Pitha or sacred places of worship found her name, such as Kirata Kamet, Kirata Charanpara, Kirata-Kothi, etc.

The supreme goddess Kirata Varahi and her great significance

According to mythology, two brothers were forest hunters. They used to hunt many animals like sambar deer, peafowl, and blue bull. They used to chase those animals into deeply forested areas where they had no means to follow them. As a result, their wife ran away with another man leaving two sons behind in their care. The two brothers soon became hunters and started chasing animals for food. One day deers entered the pugging ground and started fighting among themselves for food. At the same time, a boy appeared, giving it a hand. The elder brother understood it was a Kumara demon, so he killed him. But, he left his body parts scattered on earth which soon became Prasads. The younger brother, too, was searching for prasad, leaving the camp empty one day. He stumbled upon a hippie girl whose eyes were decorated with dots in red color, which resembled the eyes of a deer.

She asked him for prasad that were donned on him, thus becoming Kumraa’s daughter and transforming into his sister named ‘Kirata Varahi.’ They both prayed to Mother Earth to give them back their eternal father, but she did not listen to their prayers, so they decided to do penance by living on roots, stones, and grasses as if they were vermin. As a result, Mother Earth gave them both human forms from which she blessed them with their own Pitha to live wherever they wanted.

Importance of Kirata Varahi Homam

Kirata Varahi Homam attracts the glorious blessings of goddess Varahi in her Kirata manifestation. The Homam draws positive energies towards the doer. The fire ritual includes lightening a fire kund to attract the auspicious blessings and aura of Kirata Varahi. Various ways in Homam include taking Sankalpa, chanting mantras, and presenting devotional offerings.

Benefits of Kirata Varahi Homam

Here are the main benefits of Kirata Varahi Homam:

  • Kirata Varahi Homam brings the supreme blessings of goddess Kirata- a mighty Varahi avatar.
  • It fills devotees' lives with sacred energies
  • The fire ritual brings grace and optimism to life.
  • It brings fortune and abundance to the worshippers.
  • It enlightens life with consciousness and guides us toward a spiritual path.

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3 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 1008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • No of Priest - 07 to 10 Priest
  • Up to 125000 Ahurthis