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Kamadhenu Homam

Get All Your Desires Fulfilled 

Kamadhenu On Par With Goddess Lakshmi, Benefactor Of Wealth & Prosperity
Kamadhenu — A Mother That Provides All 
Kamadhenu, a sacred bovine, is the mother of all cows. She provides everything that is desired and is considered the guardian of the eleven Rudras. Her portraits and idols present her in white with a female head and breasts or as a white cow with all deities picturised on her body. She has no place of worship and by honouring cows one is actually revering this sacred animal.
Her very name suggests that his gives plenty, Kama means desire or wish and dhenu suggests giver. Therefore she’s a wish cow and the mother of her entire clan. 
Therefore she symbolises abundance and generosity because she grants all wishes of her devotees. She emerged from the ‘kshirasagar’ or ocean of milk at the time of the great churning by the gods and demons. The gods gifted her to the seven sages and finally came into the possession of Sage Vasishta. 
Kamadhenu Represents Almost All Deities 
This divine being is highly devout and sacrosanct and each and every part of the cow has religious implication. Its four legs represent the four Vedas and its teats four Purusharthas (Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha). Her four legs represent the great mountain Himalayas, its face symbolises the sun and moon its shoulders Agni, and its horns represent the trinities. 
The cow is like a mother who gives nourishment to its children. Therefore it is also a mother to mankind and one ought to love, protect and respect it.  Its urine has medicinal properties; dung is used as fuel and also purifies the environment. 
According to Puranas, Lord Shiva’s most valuable gift to humankind were Kamadhenu and Kalpataru — a wish fulfilling cow and tree, respectively. Once, the holy animal asked the lord to liberate her from her duties.Lord shiva promised to do so in her next birth and said that she would be born as a ordinary cow and he would personally liberate her.
How Perur Patteshwarar Temple Came Into Existence
In her next birth, she was grazing with her calf in a forest in Perur, about 10kms from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu when suddenly the calf’s legs stuck an anthill and she cried in pain. Kamadenu was forced to free her little one by driving her horns into the anthill. As she did so, she noticed blood covering her horns and realised that the anthill housed her Lord in the form of a linga. She immediately, decanted her milk over the anthill and performed abhishekam.  At this juncture, Lord Shiva appeared and granted her Liberation. 
A temple was constructed around this Lingam which came to be known as Perur Patteshwarar temple which has the lingam with a depression on it. 
Kamadhenu’s other forms are also popular like Sunanda, Surabhi, Susheela and Nanda.
Why perform Kamadhenu Homam
the sacred texts, Vedas say that Kamadhenu is cosmos in itself and all gods reside in this one form. Worshipping this sacred animal is also equal to worshipping our ancestors and it is considered to be auspicious to feed the cows on New Moon day. It fulfils all wishes of devotees and is equal to revering Goddess Lakshmi the benefactor of wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Kamadhenu Homam

Fulfils desires and wishes
Blesses devotee with wealth and high status
Removes negative vibrations from home and surroundings
Removes obstacles and hindrances in life
Eliminates all difficulties from each and every sphere of life 
Equal to worshipping deities Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi
Blessing of the divine cow ensures happiness and prosperity

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