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Jwalamukhi Homam

Upgrades Business Prospects, Gives Power To Destroy Negative Forces & Detaches Complications

Jwalamukhi – A Great Power That Reduces Negative Forces To Ashes

Jwalamukhi Vedicfire Rituals

Goddess Jwalamukhi is an aspect of Universal Mother Goddess Shakti. Her temple is a Shakti Peeth, a holy place where her tongue fell. In the temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, the goddess is worshipped as Ambika and also referred to as Goddess of Light. The flame that burns through the crevices of rocks is eternal and there is no idol as such in the temple.

Goddess Jwalamukhi has manifested as a 3 feet square pit with pathways around it. Nine interminable flames emanate from different points in the pit that represent nine forms of Divine Shakti called Vindya Vasini, Hinglaj, Chandi, Annapurna, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Ambika, Anji Devi and Saraswathi. Jwalamukhi is a powerful deity and paying obeisance to such dominant force on Pournami is very auspicious. She can burn adversaries and negative elements to ashes when one worships with great devotion.


Invocation of Goddess Jwalamukhi on Purnima Brighten Up Your Life

The moon is in full brilliance on the Pournami day. It’s a sign of positive energy that’s so powering on the day that it lifts the spirits of the people and brings about a positive atmosphere. Goddess Jwalamukhi in her flame form and bright moon on the day of Purnima complement each other with their intensity thereby making the ritual a very powerful one. Jwalamukhi is called flaming mouth goddess and her name means volcano. She represents a mystic light that no external force can extinguish.

Goddesses in general have activated powers on full moon days or Purnima and that’s why it becomes necessary to worship them during Kali yuga to suppress all evil effects, planetary doshas, health problems, sudden deaths etc.

Upgrade Your Business Prospects & Detach Complications with Jwalamukhi Homam

Jwalamukhi Homam is devoted to the flaming mouth goddess and Jwalamukhi is also a place in Himachal Pradesh which is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas and this is the place where Devi’s tongue fell. A homam to this powerful goddess suppresses adversaries, gives one blessings of progeny, provides scope for improvement in business and nullifies the effects of Jupiter. It also makes sure doshas related to sarpa and pitru are eliminated besides removing obstacles and thwarting evil eye and black magic.

Benefits of Jwalamukhi Homam:-

  • The Jwalamukhi Homam improves business prospects by granting prosperity blessings. 
  • It negates all doshas like sarpa and pitru and also bad effects of evil eye and black magic.
  • It grants conjugal felicity and blessings of progeny.
  • It nullifies animosity and removes negative influence of planets especially Jupiter.
  • It helps to lighten tough tasks making them less complicated.

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