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Bhuvaneshwari Jayanthi Special

Bhuvaneswari Mahavidya Maha Homam
Increase your Assets, Wealth and Draws in Joy and Tranquility
Scheduled Live On Sep 10, 2019 

This event has been completed

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Bhuvaneshwari Jayanthi - A Day to Get Freedom From the Fear and Gain Material Wealth

Bhuvaneshwari jayanthi falls on the Dwadashi of the Shukla paksha of the Bhadrapada month every year her birthday is celebrated as Bhuvaneshwari jayanthi. On this day the devotees perform pujas, homams, dress up the goddess and mainly chant the Gayathri mantra. Vedicfolks is glad to perform Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Homam on the most auspicious day of Bhuvaneshwari Jayanti. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is one of the powerful mahavidya who bestows her devotees with material gain, and fearlessness. Bhuvaneshwari matha will strengthen your moon thereby increasing your property, wealth and draws in joy and tranquility.

Bhuvaneswari Mahavidya Maha HomamGoddess Bhuvaneshwari, Worship for Power, Strength, Wisdom and Wealth

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is an eternal mother and nurturer. She is one of the earliest form of shakti. This Goddess is the manifestation of Lord Shiva. She is said to be one of the most radiant and gentle when compared to all he forms of goddesses. She is the fourth of the ten Mahavidya goddesses. Goddess Bhvaneshwari holds a moon on her forehead and blesses with radiance and sharp features. She is known as the creator of everything and the destroyer of the evil from the world.

Why Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Maha Homam on Bhuvaneshwari jayanthi?

Devotees who worship Goddess Bhuvaneshwari with dedication and devotion get all the wishes fulfilled. The devotees are provided with protection against the evil. Performing this homam the devotees can attain salvation. She symbolises gentlessness and sympathy towards her devotees, she is said to protect her devotees and help them gain wisdom.
People going through the main and sub period of mahadasha, antardasha, and having malefic Moon in their horoscope can perform this Bhuvaneswari Mahavidya Homam. This homam will mitigate the negativities of Chandra dosha. To gain wealth, enthusiasm and to get rid of depression, and tension, Bhuvaneswari puja can be performed. This homam will also enable you to buy house, vehicles and develops real estate projects and fixed assets business.
Benefits Of Performing Bhuvaneswari Homam
  • Cures psychological problems. 
  • Evil effects of malefic moon will be mitigated.
  • Property and wealth will flourish.
  • Physical beauty will be enhanced.
  • Eradicates obstacles in gaining  property and vehicles.
  • Produces a peaceful and optimistic atmosphere.
  • Removes arrogance, jealousy.

Pudhukottai Bhuvaneshwari Amman Temple PujaPudhukottai Bhuvaneshwari Amman Temple Puja - Remove Difficulties & Bring Peace of Mind

Ashtadasabuja Mahalakshmi Durga Devi is one of the head special of this temple. The Goddess idol is very tall with 10 hands. It is an ideal place to calm you and get peace of mind. A special puja in this temple take away sufferings and showers good time to you.


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