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Sathru Samhara Maha Homam

Primordial Powers of Bagalamukhi, Pratyingira & Chandika Cure Malefic Effects of Mars, Destroys Sorrow, Bless Good Fortune, Abundance of Wealth, Prosperity


Sathru Samhara

Sathru Samhara is a divine celestial energy to destroy enemies and demonic force. The word "Sathru" is denoted as "Enemy" and "Samhara" is "to destroy". This is a divine ritual and one who worship all the three powerful force, will attain joy and authority in life. The primordial forces are Goddess Bagalamukhi, Goddess Pratyingira and Goddess Chandika are among ten Mahavidyas.

Goddess Bagalamukkhi, Goddess Pratyingira & Goddess Chandika Are The Forms Of Goddess Adi Parashakti

Goddess Bagalamukhi is the controller of the universe, a tantric deity, known as "Pitambari Maa", is goddess of wisdom. Goddess Adi Parashakti appeared as Goddess Pratyangira Devi to stop the fight between Lord Sharbeswara and Gandaberunda, restoring peace and dharma in the universe. She is also called as "Bhadrakali" and "Siddilakshmi" as she is the mother of "Mantra-Mahodadhi" and other sacred text. Supreme  Goddess Chandi is the Goddess Adi Parashakti, who is the mother of creation, sustenance and destruction. The combination power of three forms of Goddess Adi Parashakti is the highest spiritual supreme power represent distinct aspects of divinity guiding the spiritual seeker towards liberation and which can be approached in a spirit of honor, love and utmost intimacy.

Glimpses Of Evil Forces And Problems Vanquished By Powers Of Three Primordial Force

  • Evil forces, Evil Eye and Birth Chart Doshas
  • Malefic Effects of Mars
  • Black magic, Evil Effects and Witchcraft
  • Evil energies, Negative forces, Death Fear and Danger
  • Curses of ancestors and relatives and suffer from Greed, Lust, Pride and Enmity
  • Obstacles in Life, Injuries & Infectious Disease, Inappropriate Social Behavior
  • Debts and mounting expenses, grief, sorrow and mental fatigue
  • Marital disturbances, Splits and Disharmony in married life
  • Problems to Conceive and Bear a Child
  • Constant loss of money, debt burdens, Financial Instability
  • Litigations and long standing court cases, Depression in Life
  • Ancestral money not being settled amongst family members, unending mysteries
  • Loss of memory and fear of failure, threatening by external forces
  • Indecision harmonious life, Inappropriate Career, Distractions by External Force

Traits Of Goddess Bagalamukkhi, Goddess Pratyingira & Goddess Chandika

Goddess Bagalamukkhi

1. She is called as "Devi of Stambhana", one who control and paralyze the enemies

2. Sunbeam of purity and prosperity,  represents the Sun god.

3. "Dwi-Bhuja" holds a club in her right hand to defeat demonic force and used her left hand to Bestow Boon and shows the heights of intimacy to devotees

Goddess Pratyingira

1. She who appeared as Half Human-Half Lion" powerful courageous form to destroy "Lord Sharbeshwara's" arrogance.

2. Won the confidence of Sri Chakra, a powerful counter attack to curtail witchcraft.

3. Meru Mantra's powerful energy act as a shield to drive back evil energies, negative forces and danger.

Goddess Chandika

1. Her 1000 name hymns denotes her positive aspects and negative aspects

2.  Tender-hearted and a great teacher who bestow boons, bless salvation and liberation from cosmic cycle.

3. Bless devotees with positivity and divinity.

Sathru Samhara Homam - Relieve Malefic Effects of Doshas, Shield from Black-magic, Remove Misdeeds, Bless Life Desires and Salvation

It is auspicious to worship all the three Mahavidya Primordial forces, who stood at the root cause for sustaining the powers of self-consciousness, self-realization and self-attainment. Goddess Bagalamukhi is the mother of "Tantric" practices and with the tantric powers calm down the demonic forces, to restore Dharma. She is attached to devotees who honor her with true devotion and give rise to their growth and wealth of increasing trends. Goddess Pratyangira Thava Thaatanka Mahima nullify the Vidhyas of Angirasa to destroy Black magic, is sacredly called as "PratiAngirasa". By this sacred homam Goddess Pratyangira grants you a shield of protection form "Evil Eye", unethical practices, evil spirits and curses. Performing Homam on this auspicious occasion invoking the powers of universal Chakra of cosmic energy destroying negative karmas, removing obstacles, blessing natives on spiritual path. Also this homam is the protection to the universe from evil force, is a mindful Puja and sacred Ritual, chanting sacred Mantras of Goddess Chandika from Vedic Text, for the welfare of the native solving Birth Chart Dosha's, Evil effects, Women & Ancestor Curses and other barriers stopping your growth and progress, Relieve Death Fear, Untimely Death, has the power to change the life into a complete positive life line, Abundance of Wealth and Material gains, Status of Progress and well-being in professional life, Good health, Perfect Family Bondages and Unending Prosperity.

Combined Benefits Of Sathru Samhara Homam

  • Relief from grief, sorrow and mental fatigue, bless with life sustainability
  • Reverse adversity, rescue from captivity, bless courage and strength
  • Protect financial losses, make quick rise, bestow with abundance of wealth
  • Removes black magic, witchcraft, evil forces, bring solidarity, wholesome
  • Combine skills, knowledge with positive energy removing ignorance and darkness.
  • Bless Protection in Life, Free from Disease, demonic forces, Bless peace and harmony
  • Negate misfortune, Bless success, positivity and happiness.


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2 Hours Package
USD 255.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 501 Ahurthis
5 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 3
  • 10008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • Up to 10 Priest
  • 125000 Ahurthis