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Ayush Homam

Increasing The Life Span

The term Ayush represents age and anyone who wants to live a healthy life can focus on performing certain rituals. Ayush homam is primarily meant for increasing the life span of a person by reducing health disorders. 

It plays a key role in improving life standards by minimizing health ailments to a wider extent. The main objective of Ayuush homam is to get blessings from AyurDevata, the God of life. By performing this homam, one can be able to ensure a healthy and long living life.

Need for Ayush Homam

People who want to live a healthy life can choose Ayush homam for getting desired outputs. 

·  Ayush homam is a suitable one for eliminating health risks in an effective manner.
·  Children are largely benefited by this homam that helps for preventing health problems and karmic issues. 
·  This homam show ways for curing heath diseases and removing obstacles by addressing exact needs.
·  It also gives methods for reducing the bad effects of planets to minimize accidents, injuires and major health threats.



Significance of Ayush homam

  •    Ayush homam provides methods for clearing the negative effects of previous birth which in turn helps for improving the overall well being of a person.

  •   In addition, it is possible to control untimely and sudden death with this homam by developing the quality of life.

  •   Those who want to get relief from mental and physical health problems can organize Ayush homam for living a better life. 

When to organize Ayush homam?

Ayush homam can be done on the birthdays based on the stars. One can also conduct this homam at the right time after analyzing the birth chart. 

Getting assistance from Vedic folks

Vedic folks is a leading Vedic consulting firm which helps to organize Ayush homam depending on the requirements. Vedic pundits and priests will chant powerful mantras along with fire rituals to witness optimum results. 

24/7 online support is available for those who want to book the homam in advance. Also, Ayush homam involves live TV shows for experiencing the positive energies in the body, mind and soul.




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