About us

Who We are?

VedicFolks is a Vedic Advisory firm with a team of professional Vedic scholars and Management consultants that use one of the oldest scriptures, Vedas, to provide new insights into the future of individuals. By using Vedic wisdom as a tool and combining fresh knowledge, interesting results can be achieved.  Also, as a Vedic Management and Consultant team we strive to be different. 

Our Vision 

To be a trusted lifetime advisor for each and every individual all over the world and to realise their immortal potency for growth. 

Our Mission 

To help individuals make distinctive, long lasting and substantial improvements in their lives and persistently try to make this world a better place to live.

Why Vedic Folks?

It isn’t in our endeavour to promote any kind of religion but to promote spirituality beyond religion.

Vedicfolks Managing Director Navnit Krishna is confident that our Vedic Management Strategists would offer expert guidance to individuals, clients and corporate and government bodies. Vedicfolks embarks on the Chanakya model following Vedic traditions of Management, Economy and Governance.