Shared Homam


           Save money, share a homam

·       This service, an initiative by Vedicfolks is being offered to those who can’t afford a particular homam. Any homam can be shared with your whole family or friends. You can split the costs.
In case you don’t want to share it with your folks, do let us know we will bring together people like you who are also interested. A date and time for the homam will be fixed by us and shared with you, and you will be expected to witness the homam live on the Web or in person on the decided date. If you will want to personalise your homam schedule, you can always opt for the individual and customised premium homam.

How it works? 

·         Browse through the plethora of homas available.

·         Narrow down on one of your choices based on your needs.

·         Prepare yourself to witness the miracle on live web TV on your Gadget/ Computing Devices. 

·         Instructions will be given to you through the live telecast on your role in the Homam.

·         You will witness the live homam conducted for you and will receive blessings in the form of ‘prasadams’ shipped across to you.

Why choose Vedicfolks? 
Vedicfolks is proud of its expert homam performers who ensure to carry out every single and small detail while performing the ritual. Your homam begins right from purchasing the raw materials to delivering the Lord’s blessings in the form of ‘prasadams’ right at your door step! So book your shared homam now and reap rich dividends.

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Kala Sarpa Dosha Remedial Rahu Ketu and Matsya Avatar Homam

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