About us

About us

VedicFolks is a Vedic Advisory firm with a team of professional Vedic scholars and Management consultants that will use the oldest scripture (Vedas) from the Supreme with a twist to give new insights in business and destiny of individuals. By putting the body of ancient Vedic Wisdom together with the body of new knowledge, interesting results can be achieved. We are a Vedic management & consulting company with a difference.

Our Vision: 
To be a trusted lifetime advisors for every individuals in the world to unleash their immortal potency for growth. 

Our Mission : 
To help individuals make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their lives, and constantly built this world a better place to live in.

Vedicfolks helps Individuals :

  • To Predict their life using Jyotish methodologies from Vedic Seers and their Parampara system.
  • To Grow in multiples and succeed in life using tools/resources from Vedas
  • With solutions that will help them to come out of their existing problems in life.
  • In solving any of their life problems using suitable Vedic remedies 
  • Taking them to the world of abundance in Health, Wealth and beyond life.

Why Vedic Folks ?

  • To Promote Spirituality beyond Religion ( SBR ). VF is not here to promote any religion as it is appeared to be. 
  • Vedic Scriptures including Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva were User Manual for living beings. VF will be a platform to promote this Supreme Scriptures in an usable applied format for people of any ages who will follow this.
  • Promoting Vedas as a powerful tool to solve any issues in life and Innovating new Vedic applications for the welfare of all living beings in the world .
  • Building a team of Chanakya's ( Role Model of intellectual ministers) who knows vedic scriptures along with Management, Economy, Governance etc... Navnit is confident that a Vedic Management Strategist could make rapid success to individuals, Corporates and Government too.
  • Promoting Vedic Scriptures ( as it is ) in an usable format / methodoligies to beget immortal potencies of growth for individuals, corporates and even for a government.

You can start from here : 

Vedicfolks and its Future - An excerpt from an interview to American Bazaar Magazine

Who we are and how do we influence your lives?

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Vedicfolks and Homam Services 
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