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Kalashtami Special - Chatur Kala Bhairavar Homam
Scheduled Live on February 15, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Kalashtami Special - Chatur Kala Bhairavar Homam


Invoking the Divine Astonishing Power of Gnana Bhairavar, Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar, Unmaththa Bhairavar & Yoga Bhairavar


Scheduled Live on February 15, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Lord Bhairava in "Sivayoginathar Temple" is devoted to "Chatur Kala Bhairavar" appears in the four forms, one form in each era in distributed ages of life, to protect the universe from evil spirits, destruction and to bless the devotees. This is an important significance which divide each cycle of creation into four Yugas (Satya-Yuga, Treta-Yuga, Dwapara-Yuga, Kali-Yuga), has certain characteristic features leveled by a specific time period, to differentiate one Yuga to Other, in a sequential form is being fixed. 

Chatur Kala Bhairava Homam On Kalashtami

Bhairavar Stotra


Vengenai Piriyan Meedhu Porthidum


Anjanai Pugaiyana Alamamenach


Senchudar Padivamer Seriththa MameniK


Kanchugach Kadavul Porsuzalgal Yathuvam


 - Skanda Purana

Greatness of Chatur Kala Bhairavar


Lord Chatur Kala Bhairavar with Lord Saturn and Lord Shivalinga will eradicate all problems until their Life Span, and fortunate to have these gods by their side. The Four Bhairavar's representing the four phase in a human life is divided as:


Gnana Bhairavar - This is a phase of human life, a period before marriage called "Brahmacharya", one who bless devotees with good education, job prospects and awareness and understanding of subject matters.


Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar - He is wearing the form of "Grahasta Phase", a family man, one who bless the devotees with good career, family bonding, welfare and gains in materialistic world.


Unmaththa Bhairavar - Is in the form of "Retirement" giving up worldly desires, bless his devotees with healthy life, good fortune and stable financial growth and relieve from health hazards, enmity, debts, Doshas, evil effects and negativities.


Yoga Bhairavar - This stage is a "Saint" who is totally devoted to the spirit of self-consciousness offering prayers to Lord Yoga Bhairavar, Lord Shiva Lingam (Kailas Lingam) to attain salvation. The main objective is to bring together self with God to attain salvation or liberate from cosmic cycle of birth and death and take control and direction of life in a structured manner, will be blessed with divine and spiritual life with self-consciousness.

Added Pujas & Products to Enhance the Power of Chatur Kala Bhairavar


* Shiva Puja


* Pushpanjali to Kala Bhairavar


* Shatru Samhara Puja


* Archana & Abishekam to 4 Bhairavas at Chatur Kala Bhairava Temple


* Ghee Lamp Lighting at Temple


* Energized Wooden Kala Bhairavar Photo Frame with Yantra

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