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Special Archana to Lord Muruga at 6 Temples On Thai Pusam
Scheduled on February 08, 2020


Special Archana to Lord Muruga at 6 Temples On Thai Pusam


Enrich Financial-Security, Cherish with Nourishment & Remove Struggles


Scheduled on February 08, 2020 


´╗┐On the Thai Pusam day devotees of Lord Muruga go to their fullest extent to show their utmost devotion. Special pujas & prayers are offered to Lord Muruga at temples to get his blessings who is a master of intelligence, who is a beloved Consort of Goddess Valli, enabler of energy of Goddess Devasana on the day of Thai Pusam.

Thai Pusam 2020

Special Puja to Lord Muruga at 6 Temples


Kumarakottam Temple Puja - Located in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. The great saint-poet has praised Lord Muruga by singing the great hymns has graced the place with composing and singing, clear wickedness, audacity, bless devotees with peace and harmony, gain new skills, wealth and prosperity.


Vadapalani Andavar Temple Puja - Located in Vadapalani, Chennai. Those who worship Lord Muruga in this temple, will solve all disease, clear obstacles, wed-locks, bless job, family bonding and prosperity.


VallaKottai Subramanya Swami Temple Puja - Located in Vallakottai, Chengelpet, Tamilnadu, is the tallest Statue in the Universe, backs 1000 years was constructed by the King Bageerathan. Devotees who worship is blessed with overcome enemies, struggles in life, bless Strength, Courage and Intelligence.


Thiruporur Kandaswamy Temple Puja - Located in Thiruporur, Kanchipuram. The legacy says Lord Muruga in the form Kandaswamy has defeated "Thalayaya Asuran", bringing an end to "Arrogance". Devotees who worship are filled with joy and happiness, remove obstacles, the sacred ash has a medicinal properties, curing diseases.


Kumaran Kundram Temple Puja - Located in Chrompet, Chennai, a hill rock temple similar to "Swamimalai". The temple is filled with auspicious Puja solving marriage obstacles, overcome debts, emotional, feeling guilty, bless devotees with Positivity's of Life, wealth and prosperity


Sikkal Singaravelan Temple Puaj - Located in Sikkal, Nagapattinam, devotees believe Goddess Kamadenu lives here, giving the place of worship a sense of divine spirituality. Doing Puja at this temple, clear present and past sins, bad karmas, bless devotees with Purity of mind and thought, wealth and prosperity.

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Subramanya Homam - Bestow Intelligence, Divine Strength, Remove Evil Effects


Kukuta Homam - Gain Fame, Good-Luck, Remove False Belief


Energized Brass Lord Muruga Vel - Remove fear of Evil Spirits, Bless wealth, health and prosperity

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