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Chance To Get The Ultimate Blessings and Get Double Rewards
Scheduled Live on February 13, 2019 @ 6 PM IST & Scheduled Live on February 19, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

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Chance To Get The Combined Blessings Of Lord Shiva & Goddess Sakthi


Divine Consort Combo


Masi Magam & Durgashtami is a very auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakthi.  You have an ultimate opportunity to get the combined blessings of both Lord Shiva who is in the form of Adi Kumbeshwar and Goddess Sakthi who presents in the form of Goddess Gandaki Chandi to give their devotees the chance to atone their sins, progress along with stability in business & provide strength to overcome hurdles.

Divine Consort Combo

Masi Magham Special - Adi Kumbeshwar Maha Homam


Accomplish Progress & Stability in Career, Trade & Get Relief from Unnecessary Problems


Scheduled Live on February 19, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


The Masi Magham is an auspicious festival dedicated to Lord Shiva and the day falls on a Purnima when the moon aligns with the Magha star.  The rituals performed to Lord Adi Kumbeshwar during the time of Masi Magham will give powerful blessings not only to you but also for seven generations of your family.




Wards off negativity.
Ushers positivity and peace.
Improves relationships & Grants wedding and child boons.
Fetches progress and stability in career. 
Removes bad karma & gives Moksha.
Grants atonement from sins for now and also future generations.


Durgashtami Special - Gandaki Chandi Maha Homam


Find the Best Answer to Problem-Free Life & Get Victory over Enemies


Scheduled Live On February 13, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Masik Durgashtami, an auspicious day dedicated to Goddess Durga. Invoking Goddess Gandaki Chandi - the powerful form of Goddess Durga fetches blessings for a problem-free life, helps you gain victory over evil forces and spirits or resistances in any form.




Eliminates serious hurdles from path to achieve growth.
Find the best answer to problem-free life.
Ensures growth & success in business.
Condemns all types of negative forces.
Gives success in all tasks, blesses with valour.
Grants Lavish Life, desires & Peace.


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