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Open Your Doors Wide for Wealth Rising with Special Rituals on Guru Purnima
Scheduled Live on July 27, 2018 @ 3 PM IST


guru purnima


Keep Your Doors Open for Wealth Rising (Samridhi) with Miraculous Blessings


Guru Purnima Special Rituals - 



Scheduled Live on July 27, 2018 @ 3 PM IST

guru purnima

Guru Purnima is a powerful full moon day to get miracles blessings of renowned ancient saints. It is perfect day to worship the great gurus on this special day as it grants miraculous blessings in our life. Worship of 18 Siddhars gives you the power to transform your life and grants blessings for rise of wealth (samriddhi) & eternal health. Mahaavatar Babaji is a Deathless Saint, invoking him grants you multiple boons to get deep knowledge, comfort and well-being. So, by performing Mahaavatar Babaji and 18 Siddhars Homam on Guru Purnima, we grow immensely to reach higher strata of life.



• Grants Mystics Blessings for Rise of Wealth (Samriddhi) & Eternal Health
• Acquire Multiple Boons & Deep Knowledge
• Expect miracles to happen in life 
• It instils knowledge and wisdom (Gyan raksha)
• Removes sorrows and sufferings (Dukha kshaya)
• Endless joy and happiness (Sukha aavirbhava)
• Get an assortment of endowments (Sarva Samvardhan)
• Get good health and positive vibrations and  discharges abundant spiritual energy
• Removes diseases, curses and sins

Auspicious & Befitting Temple Puja & Products for Guru Purnima


Shirdi Sai Baba Puja: Invoking the revered saint through pujas and rituals fetch blessings in the form of miracle healing of diseases and bestows moral and material comfort to his ardent devotees.


18 Siddhars Temple Puja: A puja in this temple solves issues related to depression, education, business downfalls, diseases of skin, any other issues related to finance and progeny.


Energised Sai Baba Statue: Keep the statue in your place of worship to protect the vulnerable and weak, grants blessings of offspring and brings peace and harmony to your home.

guru purnima
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