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Vedic New Year 2018: Remove Entire Birth Sins & Get Success In All Spheres of Life With Rare Rituals to Supreme Goddesses
Scheduled LIVE on April 14, 2018 @ 6 PM IST


vedic new year 2018

Rarest Of Rare Rituals To Goddess of Universe on Vedic New Year

Maha Sakthi Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa

Brings Profound Victory, Eliminates all Major Karmic Issues & Hard Sins Committed For Seven Janma (Births)

vedic new year 2018

The Vedic New Year, 2018, also called the Tamil New Year marks the vernal equinox when the earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun. The Vedic New Year falls in the month of Chithrai on April 14 to be precise. This Vedic New Year, Vedicfolks pays tribute to Goddess Maha Shakti, the great enchantress, the one who eats away ignorance, the one who is thirsty for devotion of her devotees and the one who gives you a pleasure-filled life.  So, this Vedic New Year will be the right time to achieve all her different types of boons to the maximum with the powerful Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa. 

Special Rituals On Vedic New Year 2018


Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa: The Rahasyalu Homa mantras help you get rid of hard core sins that you have committed for seven births. It also removes major karmic issues, there’s no dearth of food supplies and grants protection from all types of dangers



Ratri Suktha Parayana & Homa:This chant aids in destroying enemies, makes us trouble free and gives happiness, peace and prosperity. 


Suktha Amirtha Chakra Puja:This puja helps to balance your life and provides that biological energy needed to sustain it in an efficacious manner. 


Rahasya Traya Pradana Devata Moola Mantra Homam: It venerates Goddess Chandika who is the pradana devata in this ritual. The goddess provides cure for all illnesses, overpowers enemies, destroys obstacles and sees that you attain success in all your tasks. 


Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple Puja: Puja in this holy temple helps to get suitable life partner and  promotions in jobs  


Energised Maha Meru: This divine instrument  blesses the devotee with abundance, riches, success, popularity, power and good fortune. 

vedic new year
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