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Live Sri Viriviri Ganapathy Homam on october 6th
Live Sri Viriviri Ganapathy Homam on october 6th

Sri Viriviri Ganapathy Homam: (gives Broad mind) -6th October 2013 at 5.30 A.M -IST

Who is Sri Viriviri Ganapathi?

                Sri Viriviri Ganapathi form is another rare and divine form of Lord Ganesha. This form is considered as controller of universe. Sri Viriviri Ganapathi depicted as ten armed. His right hand holds vessel with jewels, broken tusk, arrow, noose and lotus. His left hand holds rosary, discus, bow, mace and fruit of citrus tree. His complexion is red in colour. He have three eyes and His consort is pusti; She holds a lotus in her hand.

                In this form, Sri Viriviri Ganapathi gives unlimited boons to His devotees and also with His prominent third eye is His head, represents wisdom. He watches His devotees with His third eye and He have look like Lord Shiva.

Why Sri Viriviri Ganapathi Homam?

                Sri Viriviri Ganapathi Homam is rare kind of Homam, is conducted by Vedic Folks with the eight materials smeared with the three sweets. Lotus flowers gives subjugation (conquest over the tasks), Sesame seeds and rice grains gives prosperity, Modakas smeared with ghee gives victory, Three sweet substances gives subjugation of the king (power of king to conquest) and food of all kinds gives desired object.

                As this form, have the control over universe, devotees will get control over their senses.  If one wants to get rid of bad habits, permanently, Sri Viriviri Ganapathi Homam grants his wish.

Benefits and Significance

                Sri Viriviri Ganapathi Homam grants devotees with conquest power, significantly. If anyone has control over his senses, tasks or goals are easily achievable. Devotee’s mind will expand and not get circled within material attachments. For example, just to test the expansion of your mind, you can feel exactly, when you do Dharma (charities).

Assistance from Vedic Folks


We at Vedic Folks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations of Sri Viriviri Ganapathi, who can give power of conquest just like a king, control over his senses (to get rid of bad habits) and broad mind.

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