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Shiva Shakthi homam
Restores Broken Relations and Brings Union of Couples
Lord Shiva protects and imparts knowledge
Lord Shiva is all pervading and an inhabiter of Mt. Kailash. The Trishul of Lord Shiva represents three gunas—the Satva, Rajas and Tamas. The Damaru in his left hand represents OM mantra from which the Sankrit language was born. It also maintains the heartbeat of creation. And from this, all other languages came into being.
Lord Shiva is considered as formless, unchanging, limitless, transcendent Brahman and the primal Atman (soul) of the universe.  The two facets of Lord Shiva are benevolent and fearsome.  In the former, he is an omniscient yogi, a family man with a consort and two children while in the latter, he slays demons and destroys evil. He is in total command of the cosmos and plays multiple roles as that of creator, destroyer and preserver. He protects his devotees from evil and blesses them with grace, knowledge and peace. 
Shakthi means force, power, energy
Just like her consort Shiva, Shakthi is also transcendent, unmoving, unchanging dynamic energy with overflowing love. The sum total of all the energies in the Universe is Shakthi and without her energy the universe has no beginning or end. The term means force, power and energy. 
While Lord Shiva symbolises consciousness or masculine principle, shakthi symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy. 
Shiva resides in Sahasrara Chakra and Shakti in Muladhara chakra. When the Kundalini awakens, both unite in the Sahasrara and become one. Once this happens, a state of absolute consciousness is achieved and no polarities or disparities are present—only joy, love and extreme compassion prevails. 
The Shiva Shakthi homam celebrates this wonderful moment. It fixes all issues between married couples. It also removes all problems with regard to childlessness and unites suitable pairs in matrimony. It also removes malefic effects of planets from horoscope. 
Significance of Shiva-Shakthi homam
This homa removes obstacles that hinder success and prosperity.  Sometimes problems crop up suddenly and we are taken unawares, this ritual exactly addresses such issues. It effectively restores broken relationships and this yagya is the perfect remedy for those who have not got the right partner and also address marriage delays. It also brings back lost love and blesses married couples with children.

Benefits of Shiva Shakthi homam

Removes negativity from your life
Bestows good health, harmony and success 
Removes planetary doshas from horoscope
Protects against all evils
Get the divine grace and good fortunes from deities Shiva and Shakthi
For healthy mind and spirit 
Unites male-female energies and therefore brings union of couples.

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