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Problematic Relationship Management 

CAUSE AND REMEDY Interactive Session
Does it worth sensing the insecurity so much deeper into relationship, than trusting? The outcome you experience is, outburst of lack of emotional confidence and security. Am I in steadfast mode or in safer hands? How to judge, how to realize, what are my pitfalls?
1. Trusting relationship and trusting others, where is the lacuna?
2. Doubting every little penny? What are my learnings from my childhood?
3. Feeling of threat on every little matter, feeling out of the world, why so?
4. Over-reacting to a negative circumstance with your close relationship, out of fear?
5. Is your face or body language invite troubles from others or aggressive towards you?
6. Are you judgmental, fault-finding, over-reactive, make too much of minor issues?
7. Last but not the least is, do you believe yourself, confident about you?
How do I know my weak planets in the birth chart highlighting problematic relationship?
By going through your birch chart with date and time of birth, Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer can tell you about the major problems of life you face with relationship and how to overcome the hurdles and manage relationship, suggest remedies by applying astrological calculations considering the strength of Lagna, position of planets in zodiac, planet placements in bhava and navamsha kundali predictions of various events in life and relationship. To cite and share, for instance,
1. The ninth house indicates relationship with father, if experiencing troubled relationship, the planet Surya is said to be placed inappropriately, in the birth chart.
2. The fourth house indicates relationship with mother, if deteriorates due to humiliations, you will face stressed life time, mental weakness, misfortunes in life
3. The sixth house indicates relationship with maternal uncle, in-laws, friends, colleagues, causes and remedies
4. The third house indicates relationship with siblings, which are ruled by the planets Mercury and Gemini. If the planets are strong indicates healthy sibling bonding.
5. The seventh house indicates relationship with spouse, love and marriage. If Venus is strong, lead to happy married relationship.
6. The fifth house indicates extra-marital affair or which may not end up in marriage relationship.
7. The fifth house also indicates the first child and seventh house indicates the second child and relationship with parents, quality times, trust building
Personalized interactive reporting
Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer interactive session with every native with respect to positive and negative situation of relationship, in a pre-fixed zoom. All the sessions between the client and the astrologer will be recorded, and kept in confidence about individual relationship with family, friends and spouse and what are the problematic situations, cause and remedy. An audio file for healthy relationship supported by a blue print of the entire session will be handed over to the client.
Call us now for Vedic folks “Problematic Relationship Management, Cause and Remedy Interactive Session”, a Single Point Solution to learn more about your relationship trends and surrounding, that helps you to understand yourself better to take appropriative measures in case your current relationship experiences a downfall facing isolation, may be due to:
1. Infirmness individual
2. Negative properties of mind namely non-subjectivity, unconscious, unwanted desires
3. Incapability of independent existence
4. Habitual offender of relationship
5. Prefer frequent changes, being impatient, not compassionate, kind and generous
6. Illogical thinking, fault finding, irrational thought
There is a quick remedy to overcome the relationship crisis, in a phased manner and get a relief after interaction with Chief Astrologer. Call us now to ramp-up your fortune, for better life time.
Table of Covered Theme in this Session
1. Birth details and astrological details
Every aspect of self, physical aspects, relationships in the family and friendship, employment and profession with the help of exact position of your planets; finance, wealth and health indicators, astrological aspects on personality, prediction of business career, health events, physical stature, vigor and vitality.
2. Birth chart & divisional charts
We provide you complete details about your charming out-look, enhancement, humanitarian attitudes, aggressive non-aggressive behavior, single or multiple marriages, birth and social relationship, entrepreneur skills, past life karmas, health defects, able spouse, future life partner insights, desired career, karma of past life, strength and weakness, Children, micro and macro life matters, siblings and knowledge, professional life. The study about planets in horoscope gives specific information on income earnings, assets and wealth generations.
3. Your query or concern
Answering your query in the interactive session, will be our prime motive, clearing all your doubts and difficulties on ups and downs and complex issues of relationship in life. Our interactive reports provide you a very high clarity of understanding, creates awareness of your personality, love and marital relationship, social status and advancement. Customer centric is our prime motive.
4. The 2nd house, house of self-actualization, self-value, harmony, chaos
This chart is very important showing the sense of self-control and self-reliance and what are the relationship requirement with personal and family life, cause and remedy
5. The 3rd house, house of close relationship, siblings, coworkers, colleagues
This chart is very important mentioning your soundness, firmness in retaining the relationship, ratifying the troubles with siblings, resolutions and remedies
6. The 4th house, house of love and respect to mother, happiness and comforts
This chart is very important mentioning love and respect to native mother, welfare, strain in relationship with mother, cause and remedy to correct the differences
7. The 5th house, house of love relationship, enjoyment, first child, second sibling
This chart is very important showing enjoyment of romantic love affair, remedy for untrusted relationship, advise to choose a life partner for marriage, prospects of first child.
8. The 7th house, house of marriage relationship, family, second child
This chart is very important showing the attachment to your life partner, capability of begetting a child, when to plan for the second child, family welfare, remedy for differences.
9. Rahu-Ketu Effects in 7th House, communication, resolving disputes
This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu in the 7th house showing the effects of Rahu the negative influences of desire, dissatisfaction, Ketu effects serpents or Kala Sarpa Dosha, advise remedy for clearing the malefic effects.
10. Divisional – 10 charts (relationship with co-born, spouse, children, longevity) analysis
Analysis of relationship with father, mother, spouse and children, in-laws, colleagues, what are the remedy for differences and mis-understandings?
11. Affective Remedial measures for happy relationship
Acts as a right on hand information about family and professional relationship, marriage relationship, sibling relationship, children and grand-children relationship, provide information about external forces causing adverse effects in relationship and what are the remedies?
Acts as a device, lists down your past life karma good deeds and bad deeds, affected by you or by your ancestors, how to recover from relationship curse? Remedy
12. Karma Remedies to solve the reputation, goodwill, problematic relationship
Aspect of Planets may influence your past karmas, past sins, present detachment, which is linked to the past and what are the remedies to overcome bad deeds, mis-understandings, obstructing family getting together, family customs and traditions, and remedy for overcoming ill-formation, family distress, dis-reputation
13. Gemstone recommendation for Hate Emotions, Harmful and Jealous Rage
A healing stone, clears birth defects boosting spiritual conscience and religious belief, ending past life karmas, transform to happy marriage relationship and other family relationship, business relationship, improve networking abilities
14. Rudraksha Recommendation to give favorable fruitful relationship
A precious bead, remove negative influences, past karmas, hasty decisions in marriage life, builds physical and mental strength, happy surroundings, good health peace and stress-free life
15. Homas and temple puja suggested to overcome splits in partnership, spouse relationship
Specific temple worship, puja and homam clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas for able spouse and happy married life. Learn from our report your Adi devata a remedy to overcome all relationship issues, serpent kala sarpa dosha, undisputed family welfare
16. Mantras for quick redemption of day-to-day family relationship
Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital, provide quick healing, remedy to all emotional problems, long-term understanding, effective communication, awareness, customs and practices.