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Love Prediction Interactive Session


Compatibility with Life Partner is Essential in Life, Is Love Life Exceptional?

Love Predictions is bringing an end to the ignorance of love life agonies, anguishes, heartbreaks, distress.  The native who is worried about their future life partner? What if you come across in your Adulthood and how compatible is the partner for you? Would the partner who we come across now is the right partner or would there be a better partner still would come for us? is all the questions we come across in this phase of life. Love is quite emotional and hard to express where you can feel, but you cannot see. But Future is having huge importance to love compatibility in everyone's life.

In one's life, a person is surrounded by known and unknown friends and individuals, who practice unstable relationships, end up going into compulsions followed by imbalances. Under these situations, you are compelled to join another by the act of life desires, negative forces or Birth Chart Doshas, only to express a blind-folded odd messages, saying, you have "Fallen in Love". How do we justify sudden relationship? Whether these type of relationship fail or stay prolonging unstably, will the state of my life situation will end-up in depression? All these matters takes time to heal from the longevity of the problem and from infinite struggles, only to face distress and frustration and where you never find happiness in life.

How Vedicfolks Predicts your Love Relationship?

Then, the question is flashing in our minds, What is True Love? How do I know my love relationship from my Birth Chart? May be this could give you a fear of thought? This is where Vedicfolks role begins, where we come in support to you to provide the details of your Love Side Life, to show you from you Birth Chart Predictions to give you a good picture is your situation is in positive side ? How to cure from adverse effects?

Our Expert Astrologers shall take a very close initiative to explain the birth chart compatibilities between the chosen person and yourself, provide you the deep analysis of your love relationship. The Natal Chart will also provide you a very important data about the Zodiac Sign affects and influences reflecting both positive and negative side of your love relationship and the remedy, to show you happy side of your life.


Table of Covered Theme in the Session


Birth Details and Astrological Details

Making a quick and general forecast of native's life based on the Lagna and the Bhava exhibits your birth details, shows you the planetary positions of your birth, which is based on your date and time of birth and your geographical locations.

Birth Chart & Divisional Charts

We provide you the complete details about your Spouse, Career, Karma of Past Life, Strength, Personal Finance Forecast, Details about Children, micro and macro matters, details about Siblings, Knowledge, Intellect, Mind, Fortune, Career, Ups and downs in life.

Your Query or Concern

Answering your query will be our prime motive, clearing your doubts and difficulties. Through our reports provide you the clarity of understanding. Create awareness of your life situations. Customer Centric is our prime motive.

Personality and Direct Influence in 1st house - Role of Atmakaraka Planet

This report gives natives the command over internal and external qualities of life, his color and complexion and control of overall life and love life, its destiny and well-being

Freedom in Life and Daily Affairs in 2nd House - Role of Atmakaraka Planet

This report shows you Love, Career, Marriage, intellect, speech capabilities diplomatic abilities, and how you manage your daily affairs in life.

Desires of Soul, Inherent Qualities in 3rd House - Role of Atmakaraka Planet

This Chart is important which defines the true desires, signification of Soul, and unfinished desires which is unfulfilled in the previous life and whether it is born again and how to overcome the unfulfilled wishes?

Your Spouse or Partner's Secret - 4th House - Role of  Matri Karaka

This chart is very important, which shows the destiny and characteristics of spouse or love partner, indicates nature and personality of your partner.

What are the Favorable Desires in Life, 4th House - Role of Pitru Karaka

This chart is very important, which shows the passion, beautiful things in life, love life, sex relationship, creativity, creative life force.

Mutual Understanding, Soft Natured, 5th House Significance

This chart shows you emotions, mind, inner thoughts, mental makeup and experiences, ensures love relationship and marriage.

Evils, Disease & Financial Burdens - 6th House Significance

This Chart shows you Live in relationship with a boy friend or girl friend, affairs with external partners, and a long-term illegal relationship. These unfavorable situations can be nullified providing solutions to problems.

Relationship, Romance, Marriage and Sacrifices - 7th House

This chart is very important, shows you the relationships and pleasure from relationship, House of Marriage, nature of the partner and social image of the individual.

Mind and Intelligence - Love Affair - 9th House - role of Amatya Karaka

This chart is very important, based on the Birth Chart, what are the specific yogas which cause native fall in love or are you attracted to someone of your choice. How to overcome and what is the remedy?

Friendship and Social Circle, External Fortunes - 11th House Significance

This Chart is detailed explanation which indicates social circle relationship, what type of friendship, if unfavorable how to get rid-off them, with a solution.

Raja Yoga - Does Love Relationship brings your positive situations?

This Chart is important which gives you a peace of mind and comforts in life out of the love relationship, is reliable, is broad sense of self-worth is protected?

How to find a Partner - 12th House Influences on Personal Passion

This chart is very important, which shows romantic love, how we go about finding a partner, and what is your physical self?

Rahu-Ketu Effects in 2nd and 3rd House, Relieving from Misfortunes

This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu, indicates financial prospects and wealth gains through family business and friends and protection from depression

Divisional – 10 charts (Financial Stability in Love Relationship) analysis.

Analysis of birth chart, family wealth, married life and professional life money and wealth gains for growth and career advancement.

Affective Remedial Measures

Acts as a measure, provide information about external forces and what are the remedies, saving from debts and difficulties. Acts as a device, List down your skill power and where and how to advance?

Karma Remedies to Solve the Current Issues

Aspect of Planets may influence your past Karmas, Past Sins and what are the Remedies protecting your Financial Fortune.

Gemstone Recommendation for Your Well Being, Enhance Fortune

A healing stone to bestow good luck, clears birth defects, remove financial misfortunes, hurdles and deficiency

Rudraksha Recommendation for Your Growth

A precious beads, Remove Malefic Effects, Calm Stress level, brings wealth and prosperity.

Homas and Temple Puja Will be Suggested to Overcome Negativity

Respective Temple worship and Homas clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas for peace, financial stability and prosperous life.

Mantras for Quick Redemption of Problems

Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing of problems, create self-awareness, sound health and wealth

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