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Life Partner Insight Interactive Session

In each one of our life getting married, getting married to the partner of your choice, and maintaining the marriage can fall within the five components of human knowledge namely bodily-form, emotional attributes, perceptions, power of choosing, consciousness are said to be the foremost insights of every life partner.
The Dasha periods with the Gochar transit of the planets helps to predict the auspicious trends and timings of the marriage prospects using astrological calculations with the help of date of birth from birth chart, for which the native is expected to have the birth date and birth time to arrive an accurate and deep understanding of the future life partner.
What could be your assessment and important insights of your Life Partner?
If the date of birth and time of birth is available, Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer can tell you about the major requirements of your life with life partner covering the Navamsha which can narrow down and refine your specific search for a perfect life partner. For Instance, very specifically, 
  • Long-term relationship with the life partner, depending on the signs in your 7th house, where 7th house rules relationship and how we partner with our life partner
  • Indications of 8th house, rules the house of sex organs and muscular system, longevity of person, illness and death, family worth of the partner, money and estates, inheritance and taxes.
  • 4th house indicates about personal career of the life partner, wellness and spiritual attainment, communication capabilities, proficiency in foreign languages, execution and achievements in foreign land
  • 5th house indicates love and pleasures, entertainment, society and social connections and shows the path of Dhana Yoga’s.
  • 6th house indicates from which part of the globe the spouse can be the life partner, the positive and negative attitude of the native towards the spouse being greedy, jealous and harmony in relationship
Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer apply special tools using mathematical calculations to judge what the native can opt for in identifying the life partner and what are the other insights?
Will the life partner will be from arranged marriage or love life? which can be derived from the location of the partner, birth time and individual personality traits
Your dreams of life and life partner and how to overcome the scaring attitude of mother or father whims and fancies?
Wants to enjoy life in your way and how-to lookout your desired life partner?
Boy wants to have a desired girl as his life partner, the girl is in dilemma how to choose as her life partner, though she treats him as her friend, too. Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer can give you a solution.
Difficulty to overcome finding a desired life partner, due to poor intelligence, social skills, non-compatibility. Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer do provide you a satisfied solution.
Is your choice being simplicity, righteousness, good attitude and behavior are the quality should be possessed in men, is that what you need? no worry, Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer can find you the best option with the help of your birth day, birth time and birth location. 


Personalized interactive reporting
Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer interactive session with every native will be a very personalized one, in a pre-fixed zoom. All the sessions between the client and the astrologer will be recorded. It will be very personal and kept in confidence. An audio file for Life Partner Insight supported by a blue print of the entire session will be handed over to the client.
Call us now for Vedicfolks Life Partner Insights Single Point Solution to learn more about your future life partner that helps you to understand yourself better to take better decision of your life partner and also determines your future prospects which way can lead your personal life growth and development if it is with the decision being arranged marriage or what is my future in the case of love life. 
Table of Covered Theme in this Session
1. Birth details and astrological details
Every aspect of personal life with the help of exact position of your planets; provide a complete independent details, characteristics and personality, predict life events
2. Birth chart & divisional charts
We provide you complete details about your spouse, life partner insights, career, karma of past life, strength, details about children, micro and macro matters, siblings and knowledge. The study about planets in horoscope gives specific information on income earnings, assets and wealth generations.
3. Your query or concern
Answering your query in the interactive session, will be our prime motive, clearing all your doubts and difficulties. Through our interactive reports we provide you a very good clarity of understanding, to create awareness of your life situations. Customer centric is our prime motive.
4. The 7th house, the house of marriage relationship, life partner
This chart is very important for the marriage blessings and life partner marital bonding
5. Influences of 7th House and Your Personal Well-Being
Planetary influences when the Zodiac Sign occupies both 7th House and your Personal life, provide you solutions for life to all negative issues, gives comfortable results. Learn from the report what are the effects?
6. Rahu-Ketu Effects in 7th House, life partner insight
This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu in the 7th House showing the incompatibility or not loyal in life partner relationships. Ketu effect also give rise to worry and concerns of life partnership and will assist in choosing the right life partner for a happy married life. 
7. 8th house indicates, desire for deep attraction, to please one another
This Report is very useful to know the effects of deep emotions, sacrifice and likings to each other, the life partner wants to care for you and both will have a strong bonding relationship. Learn from the report the bonding relationship. 
8. 4th house indicates, Career Selection, Quality of Efforts, Values, Principles 
This Report is very useful to know the effects of lagna Lord, career choice, persons inclinations and interest spending his valuable time. Learn from the report the style and fixed traits of your personal life and choice of life partner
9. 5th house indicates, personal interest, children’s, skills and talents
This Report is very useful to know the effects of channeling our efforts and energy and procreation abilities associated with bodily forms, spiritual interests, fertility, life partners capacity to love. Learn from the report the sentimental relationship between life partners
10. 6th house indicates, how and from where will be your spouse from?
This Report is very useful to know the effects of single or possibility of more than one marriage, how the relationship in marriage life extends, planetary signs may indicate cunning spouse, separation. Learn from the report the remedy for strain in relationship
11. Divisional – 10 charts (career upliftment, level of growth) analysis. 
Analysis of desired life partner, marriage and professional life for growth and career advancement.
12. Affective Remedial measures
Acts as a measure, provide information about external forces, effects of life partner relationship and what are the remedies?
Acts as a device, lists down your traits and skill power and where and how to advance?
13. Karma Remedies to solve the current issues
Aspect of Planets may influence your past karmas, past sins, present life crisis linked to the past and what are the remedies protecting your happy married life.
14. Gemstone recommendation for your well being
A healing stone, clears birth defects, deficiency, emits positive energy and protects life partner relationship close to your heart
15. Rudraksha Recommendation for your growth
A precious bead, remove malefic effects, calm stress level, brings peace and prosperity
16. Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity
Accurate temple worship, puja and homam clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas of life partner relationship for peace and prosperous life.
Learn from our report your Adi devata and temple worship
17. Mantras for quick redemption of problems
Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing of problems in life partner relationship, create self-awareness and self-healing power.