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Kama/Sex Life - Cause and Remedy Interactive Session


In a birth chart the factors that determine the strength of the planets of Kama or Sex Life namely,

1. The strength of the Ascendant – Lagna

2. How is Graha or Planets positioned in zodiac or rashis?

3. What are the planets that is occupied its place in the natives Nakshatra?

4. True Position of the Planets, in terms of degrees, as degree matters

5. Planet’s placement in different houses or bhava

6. In Navamsha how the planets been positioned?

The sex urge of a native is arrived based on the strength of the planets or the zodiac. The Lagna has a role in sex drive which is determined not based on physical fitness only, but also the psychological reasonings and individual behavior.
There is another planet the Moon which rules the emotional aspects of the individual which expresses amount of romantic love and intimacy, procreation abilities, referring good times relieving tension or as normal as ever as a routine which indicates less interest, dis-likes and frustration.
What are the planetary elements for Sex life determined from the birth chart?

1. When the planet Mars is in the third house indicates good love and sex relationship 

2. When the planet Mars is in the fourth house indicates deep relationship with the spouse and extended sex life. The level of attraction is very high with the life partner

3. When the planet Mars in the seventh house the native is very passionate about sex with extreme behavior and sexual aspects

4. Shadow planet Rahu impacts in the seventh house endangers to Mistaken act, Erring, may be tricked, cheated, innocent life existence

5. Shadow planet Ketu impacts in the seventh house indicates less interest in sex life, unfitness in sexual life, displeasure and disrepute.

6. Eight house indicates physical organs, its positive and negative implications

7. The twelfth house indicates the interest towards your spouse and your self-interest, self-preferences, leading to isolation

What are the factors that cause distress in sex interest or drive?

1. When Saturn is placed in the 7th house may be impotent, no sex urge, inclination

2. Manglik Dosha indicates unhappy married life, extra marital affair, dis-harmony

3. Distancing by disinterest, childhood behaviors, social atmosphere

4. Psychological reasons, verbal and physical abuses, punishing children’s 

5. Cruel by attitude, inability to develop emotional and sexual intimacy

6. Uncommitted and dissociated relationship, individual experience differs, impulses and afraid to take chances

Personalized interactive reporting
Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer interactive session with every native with respect to Kama or Sex life, in a pre-fixed zoom. All the sessions between the client and the astrologer will be recorded, and kept in confidence about individual sex-life, issues and problems, cause and remedy. An audio file for lifetime health supported by a blue print of the entire session will be handed over to the client.
Call us now for Vedic folks “Kama or Sex Life - Cause and Remedy Interactive Session”, a Single Point Solution to learn more about your sex life trends, that helps you to understand yourself better to take corrective measures in case your current sex life experiences doesn’t meet the life partner expectations, may be due to:

1. Unmanageable Emotional indulgence

2. Mind doesn’t meet and communicate between life partners

3. Proximity issues and intimacy desires

4. Unassertive Planetary placements

5. Lack of freedom of expression

Yes, there is a remedy to overcome the life crisis, in a phased and planned manner, while you share the birth chart details and interact with Chief Astrologer, in confidence, solutions are certain.
Table of Covered Theme in this Session
1. Birth details and astrological details
Every aspect of self, physical aspects, employment and profession with the help of exact position of your planets; finance, wealth and health indicators, astrological aspects on personality, prediction of business career, health events, physical stature, vigor and vitality.
2. Birth chart & divisional charts
We provide you complete details about your charming out-look, enhancement, humanitarian attitudes, aggressive non-aggressive behavior, single or multiple marriages, entrepreneur skills, past life karmas, lifetime health, spouse, life partner insights, career, karma of past life, strength, details about children, micro and macro matters, siblings and knowledge. The study about planets in horoscope gives specific information on income earnings, assets and wealth generations.
3. Your query or concern
Answering your query in the interactive session, will be our prime motive, clearing all your doubts and difficulties on ups and downs of love and sex life. Our interactive reports provide you a very high clarity of understanding, creates awareness of your personality, love and marital harmony, pleasure and heavenly success. Customer centric is our prime motive.
4. The 2nd house, house of self-value, self-worth, self-esteem and sex-life 
This chart is very important showing the sense of self-confidence in understanding your life partner, lack of self-esteem, and what remedy required? 
5. The 3rd house, house of will-power, adventurous, physical power, habits
This chart is very important mentioning your will-power in out-performing the sex-life, Indulges in fruitless habits, illicit affairs, resolutions and remedies
6. The 4th house, house of awareness, family welfare, maternal relationship, friendship
This chart is very important mentioning extensive love relationship with the life partner, attractive wishes and looks, what are the sexually inactive planets and what are the remedy, to correct the differences? 
7. The 5th house, house of fun and creativity, extreme activeness in love life 
This chart is very important showing enjoyment of love life, special interest and taste, loving, romantic sexual life, having psychological problems, take advice how to overcome and solutions to problems?
8. The 7th house, house of marriage, commitment, contractual relationship 
This chart is very important showing the desire with our life partner, expectations, sex and pleasure partnering, love and marital harmony, remedy to matchless preferences, differences and solution to inappropriate appearances, nature and complexions.
9. Rahu-Ketu Effects in 7th House, Sex life obstacles, against social norms
This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu in the 7th house showing the effects of Rahu who tends to be inauspicious and adverse effects and Ketu face sexual discomforts, problems and dislikes, advise remedy for solution
10. Divisional – 10 charts (forward thinking, satisfied married life, matching life partner, growth in personal and family life, longevity) analysis
Analysis of physical appearance, life path, happy family life, siblings, good luck, spouse and married life, physical and mental ability, success in career, what are the remedy for isolation, splits and mis-understandings?
11. Affective Remedial measures for happy married life
Acts as a right on hand information about marital status, provide information about external forces causing adverse effects in married life and what are the remedies?
Acts as a device, lists down your past life karma good deeds and bad deeds, by you or by ancestors, unfulfilled desires, how to recover from the sense of married life detachment, crisis in life?
12. Karma Remedies to solve the current marriage life
Aspect of Planets may influence your past karmas, past sins, present life crisis which is linked to the past and what are the remedies to overcome negative trends, obstructing your positive thinking, destructive ideas, social life and relationship and what are the remedies for overcoming disposition, spouse differences, discomforts
13. Gemstone recommendation for your trouble-free love and married life
A healing stone, clears birth defects of Navamsha, boost spiritual and religious belief, defuse past life karmas, transform your present and future to happy married life
14. Rudraksha Recommendation to give favorable materialistic married life
A precious bead, remove malefic effects of past life karmas, remove negativity and hasty decisions in love and married life, boost physical and mental strength, good surroundings, healthy, peace and prosperous life
15. Homas and temple puja for happy spouse relationship, long and disease-free life
Specific temple worship, puja and homam clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas for stress-free peaceful life situation. Learn from our report your Adi devata a remedy to overcome extra marital relationship, kala sarpa dosha, undisputed sex life with life partner
16. Mantras for quick redemption of day-to-day healthy understanding with your spouse
Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing remedy to all emotional problems, sensual power, nourishment, high understanding and communication, intimacy, assertiveness, a quick healing power.

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