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Venus Yantra


About Venus Yantra

Venus Yantra is a very energetic and optimistic spiritual yantra that illuminates life with positive energies. This yantra is highly effective in bringing warmth to relationships. This yantra adores life with serenity and abundance. All the harsh elements from life and relations can be eradicated with the vital forces of this magical yantra.

Significance of Venus Yantra

Venus Yantra is a powerful spiritual instrument as it nurtures life with prosperity and bliss. All the malicious elements linked with the Venus planets are removed with this powerful yantra. It brings alignment to the horoscope and balances all the negative and positive influences.

Need for Venus Yantra

Venus Yantra is needed the most by those who are going through a challenging phase in their life. This yantra protects the harmony and happiness in relationships. If your relations with your partner or any closed ones are getting bitter, then this yantra is the one for you. It enriches the relations with more love and affection, bringing stability in life.

Benefits of Venus Yantra

Here are a few incredible windfalls of Venus Yantra-

  • Venus Yantra brings financial prosperity, stability and absolute fortune in life.
  • The yantra assists in strengthening the relationships and captivates warmth and love. This yantra is perfect for those seeking success in their love life.
  • This yantra grants success in undertakings and greets with positive outcomes.
  • It enhances the creative and inventive approach in life.
  • The yantra helps become an influential and robust personality with excellent calibre and skills.

How to use Venus Yantra?

Following are the most important points which one must keep in a note while using and worshipping Venus Yantra-

  • Place the yantra on a clean place or altar and keep its face in the east or north direction.
  • Do not touch the yantra with dirty hands and timely wash it using rose water.
  • Before starting the worship of yantra, put four dots of either sandalwood or kumkum paste on its four sides, including the centre.
  • Worship yantra by lighting a lamp or incense stick and devote fruits and flowers to it.
  • Chant "Om Shukraya Namaha" mantra while worshipping the Venus yantra to add more grace to your worship.

How to get Venus Yantra?

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