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Veerabhadra Yantra


About Veerabhadra Yantra

Veerabhadra Yantra is an essential spiritual device that empowers with the godsends of Lord Shiva.

Significance of Veerabhadra Yantra

Veerabhadra Yantra has intricate geometric patterns that bring Lord Shiva's blessings. Lord Sri Veerabhadra Swamy is one of the prominent incarnations of Lord Shiva. He is an avatar of Rudra, who is also one of the most cherished aspects of the mighty Shiva. The legends state that Lord Sri Veerabhadra Swamy took origin from a strand of Lord Shiva’s hair. One day, King Daksha executed a grand yagna ceremony at his place, but he didn't invite Lord Shiva to it. He insulted mighty Shiva, and goddess Sati, consort of Shiva, couldn't bear his husband’s insult. She jumped into a sacrificial bonfire and gave up on her life. This incident infuriates Lord Shiva to a great extent. He then took the aspect of Lord Sri Veerabhadra Swamy to kill Daksha. It is a notable legend linked to the emergence of Shiva as Lord Sri Veerabhadra Swamy.

Benefits of Veerabhadra Yantra worship

Here are a few notable boons of Veerabhadra Yantra:

  • Veerabhadra Yantra brings the blessings and vital aura of commanding Lord Shiva.
  • It eradicates all sorts of negative energy from life and brings endless happiness.
  • It crushes the negative attributes such as ego, arrogance and self-obsession.
  • The yantra grants courage, bravery, and strength.
  • It removes pains, longings and all types of sufferings from a devotee’s life.
  • All the debt and monetary issues can be resolved with this powerful yantra.
  • It endows with prosperity and abundance to life.

How to use the Veerabhadra Yantra?

Here are a few incredible ways with which you can use Veerabhadra Yantra:

  • Place the yantra on a clean altar and ensure it is positioned either east or north.
  • Do not touch the yantra with dirty hands.
  • Regularly wash it with clean water or sprinkle that water on it timely.
  • Place four dots of either sandalwood or vermillion powder on its four sides, including the centre.
  • Light incense sticks in front of the yantra and devotes fruits and flowers to it.

How to get Veerabhadra Yantra?

Gain all the above benefits with the worship of Veerabhadra Yantra. The yantra brings a powerful and serene aura to a devotee's life. You can get a high-quality Veerabhadra Yantra in a fair price range from our end. Get in touch with us and get the yantra soonest.