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Sri Ganesha Yantra


About Sri Ganesha Yantra

Lord Ganesha is the most supreme and celebrated lord among all the godheads. He is prominently known as Vighnaharta or the one who soaks all the pain and worries of his devotees. Ganesha Yantra works like wonders to bring the virtuous blessings of the mighty Ganesha. The radiation from Ganesha Yantra links us with the mighty Lord Ganapati.

Significance of Sri Ganesha Yantra

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and the mighty goddess Parvati. He brings positivity, prosperity and glee to the follower's life. Commanding Lord Ganesha is worshipped first when deities are worshipped, or any ritual procession takes place. Ganesha Yantra works like magic for seeking the blessings of Ganapati. This yantra radiates the divine aura of Lord Ganesha, the most prominent godhead.

Need for Sri Ganesha Yantra

Sri Ganesha Yantra is great for those who want to attain abundance and prosperity. The yantra is highly needed for those who are having tough and challenging lives. The yantra is best for those who wish to enlighten their life with the great blessings of Ganesha.

Benefits of Sri Ganesha Yantra

Here are a few well-known benefits of Sri Ganesha Yantra-

  • Sri Ganesha Yantra brings abundance and bliss to life.
  • Supreme Ganesha fills life with more intelligence and proficiency.
  • Mighty Ganesha protects his devotees from all the obstacles and guides them towards a better life.
  • This yantra eradicates all the worries and pains.
  • The yantra brings serenity and happiness to a devotee's life.
  • This yantra fulfils life with revitalisation and harmony.

How to use Sri Ganesha Yantra?

Here are a few tips which one must keep in a note while worshipping Sri Ganesha Yantra-

  • Place the yantra on a neat and clean altar in either east or north direction.
  • Place four dots of either sandalwood or vermilion paste on its four sides, including the centre.
  • Light incense sticks in front of the yantra. Devote fruits and flowers to the yantra. You can also prepare prasad to devote.
  • Chant "Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha" mantra while worshipping Sri Ganesha Yantra. Make sure you chant the mantra 108 times to fetch the maximum benefits.

How to get Sri Ganesha Yantra?

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