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Sri Danvantri Yantra


About Sri Danvantri Yantra

Sri Danvantri Yantra is a great spiritual device that brings the blessings of the Supreme Lord Sri danvantri in life. He is the one who safeguards health and protects it from all adverse effects. The yantra keeps track of health problems keeping all the issues away.

Significance of Sri Danvantri Yantra

The powerful lord Danvantri is regarded as the god of medicine: he is the one who absorbs all pains and ailments of devotees and grants them a healthy and happy life. Mighty danvantri discovers a glorious place in Puranas as the godhead of Ayurveda. The Shri danvantri yantra is highly effective and significant as it brings the glorious boons of Lord Sri danvantri. Achieve pink of your health and wellness with Sri danvantri yantra.

Need for Sri Danvantri Yantra

Sri danvantri yantra is needed the most by those witnessing the catastrophic influence of health. Those who combat any persistent diseases or disorder must worship this yantra to extract great health. The yantra supports achieving a sound body and mind.

Benefits of Sri Danvantri Yantra

Following are a few impeccable benefits of Sri Danvantri yantra-

  • Sri Danvantri Yantra brings eternal joy and prosperity to life.
  • The yantra assists in living life to the zenith with full vitality.
  • The yantra adores with great health, keeping all the mild to severe health issues away.

How to use Sri Danvantri Yantra?

Here are a few steps which you must follow while worshipping Sri Danvantri Yantra-

  • Place the Sri Danvantri Yantra in a clean place keeping its face in either east or north direction.
  • Regularly wash the yantra with clean water or rose water. The yantra might change its colour with time, but it is a normal process.
  • Place four dots using vermillion paste or sandalwood powder paste on the yantra’s four sides, including the centre.
  • Start the worship by bestowing fruits, flowers and prasad. Light incense stick and lamp in front of the yantra.
  • Make sure you focus on the centre of the yantra while worshipping to unveil significant windfalls.
  • Chant “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Dhanvantre
    Amirtha Kalasha Hastaaya Sarvamaya Vinashya
    Trailokya Nathaya Shri Mahavishnave Namaha”
    mantra to attain glorious results of Sri danvantri yantra.

How to get Sri Danvantri Yantra?

If you want to get an incredible quality Sri Danvantri Yantra, then contact us; we will support you in getting a quality yantra in a reasonable price range bestowing you with immense benefits.