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Rahu Yantra


About Rahu Yantra

Rahu planet is the minister of demons, and its presence negatively affects a person's life, falling under its vicious trap. Rahu Yantra is a tremendous spiritual device that helps manage the poor consequences of the Rahu planet.

Need for Rahu Yantra

Rahu Yantra is needed by those who have the hostile planet Rahu in their horoscope as the most active element. Rahu is a dark and highly negative plant. If it is dominant in a person's horoscope, then it brings hurdles and pains.

Significance of Rahu Yantra

Rahu is a dark planet, and its adverse effects can hamper life's happiness. This yantra is a saviour for those who are witnessing the harmful effects of Rahu Graha. This powerful yantra attracts a bright aura and wards away the ill effects linked with the sinful planet- Rahu.

Boons of Rahu Yantra

Worshipping Rahu Yantra with immense dedication and devotion is the best way to eliminate all the catastrophic implications of the Rahu planet. Here are a few prominent windfalls of Rahu Yantra-

  • Rahu yantra will remove all the adverse effects of Rahu Graha.
  • It brings immense peace and harmony to a worshipper's life.
  • It assists in combating the negativity and cherishes abundance and bliss.
  • This yantra brings peace and immense tranquillity to devotees.
  • It keeps all the possible poor effects of Rahu away and safeguards from all sorts of worries and obstacles.

How to use Rahu Yantra?

Following are the best ways to follow while using Rahu Yantra-

  • First place the yantra in either east or north direction. Clean it timely using clean water or rose water.
  • Timely clean the yantra with rose water. Remember that yantra can change its colour after some time, but it is a natural process.
  • Place four dots using vermillion or sandalwood powder paste on its four sides, including the centre.
  • Light incense sticks in front of the yantra and also devote fruits and flowers to it.

Follow all these steps precisely to make the best of your yantra and get the results in the minimum time frame.

How to get Rahu Yantra?

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