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Navagraha Yantra


About Navagraha Yantra

Navagraha Yantra is an integral yantra as it brings glory and revitalisation to life. It reduces karmic effects and brings alignment to all the planets. All the planet related doshas and afflictions can be removed via this powerful yantra.

Significance of Navagraha Yantra

Navagraha Yantra is highly significant as it eradicates all the harmful events from the major planets. It is a potent yantra that guides all the nine major planets in astrology. The perfect alignment of nine planets in the horoscope is highly essential as it brings harmony to life.

Need for Navagraha Yantra

The yantra is best for those who are witnessing the catastrophic implication of any planet. Navagraha Yantra assists in stabilising all nine planets and boosts harmony and happiness in life. If any plant creates an imbalance in your horoscope and havoc in life, then Navagraha Yantra is the saviour for you.

Benefits of Navagraha Yantra

Here are a few incredible boons of Navagraha Yantra-

  • Navagraha Yantra brings abundance and ecstasy to life.
  • The powerful yantra captures the positive effects of nine major planets of the realm in life.
  • It destroys all the adverse impacts of the horoscope.
  • It bestows success and abundant prosperity.
  • It keeps all the adverse forces away.
  • The yantra is potent in capturing positive energies and fulfilling life with peace and positivity.
  • This yantra brings rejuvenation and optimism to life.

How to use Navagraha Yantra?

Follow the below steps with utmost perfection and precision to receive great boons from Navagraha Yantra-

  • Wash the copper plate with rose or clean water every week. The yantra might change its colour with time, but it is a natural process.
  • Place the yantra in either north or east direction. Light incense stick or lamp in front of the yantra.
  • Put dots using sandalwood powder paste on edges and in centre.
  • Devote fruits and flowers to it. You can also prepare a special prasad for the yantra.
  • While worshipping the yantra, make sure that you are focussing primarily on its centre. It is the most vital part of the entire yantra.

How to get Navagraha Yantra?

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