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Mercury yantra


About Mercury yantra

Mercury yantra is a robust and highly influential spiritual device that brings favourable elements of mercury into life. It removes all the possible doshas and afflictions linked with the mercury planet in your horoscope.

Need for Mercury yantra

Mercury yantra is needed the most by those who have the afflictions linked with mercury in their horoscope.

Significance of Mercury yantra

Mercury's a favourable planet that brings intelligence and harmony to life. But the presence of certain afflicted elements on this planet can have adverse effects. Mercury planet or para Graha is a healthy planet that is also known as the messenger of gods. If this planet is in your favour, then you will unveil remarkable benefits. Mercury yantra plays a significant role in removing all the catastrophic effects linked with mercury and makes it great for you.

Benefits of Mercury yantra

Here are the few plausible boons of mercury yantra-

  • The mercury yantra makes sure that the positive energies of the mercury planet reach you with no hindrance.
  • It brings great success in trade, business and various other undertakings.
  • It raises cognitive abilities and enhances intellect.
  • The yantra cherries life with peace and happiness.
  • It brings immense stability and positive momentum in life.
  • The yantra grants good spiritual health.

How to use Mercury yantra?

Following are the few major points which one must remember while worshipping Mercury yantra-

  • Place the yantra on a neat and clean altar in either east or north direction.
  • Make sure you focus on the centre of yantra while worshipping, as it is the most vital element of the entire yantra.
  • Regularly wash this yantra with clean water.
  • Would you please not touch it or let anybody use it with dirty hands?
  • Place four dots of either sandalwood or vermilion paste on its four sides, including the centre.
  • Light incense sticks in front of the yantra. Devote fruits and flowers to the yantra. You can also prepare prasad to devote.

Follow all these points with utmost accuracy to make the most of your mercury yantra and greet the positive boons fastest.

How to get Mercury yantra?

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