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Kali Yantra


About Kali Yantra

Goddess Kali is the ultimate goddess of time and is one of the most significant mahavidyas. Kali Yantra is a compelling spiritual device that brings glory and happiness in life. This yantra radiates magnetic energies and pious blessings of goddess Kali.

Significance of Kali Yantra

Goddess Kali is one of the most significant and influential Devi. She denotes Shakti or pious energy and safeguards her ardent devotees from all sorts of obstacles. Mighty Kali is the goddess of time. She signifies doomsday and death and is the bravest and brutal goddess. Kali Yantra is highly significant as it brings the glorious powers of a mighty goddess.

Need for Kali Yantra

Kali Yantra is a highly crucial yantra for those who fear things and are constantly surrounded by negativity. The yantra is needed by those who are having a dull life and are unravelling persistent dismay. Those who want to attain control over their energy and time must also admire this yantra diligently. Kali yantra is also best for those who want to get rid of the fear of death.

Benefits of Kali Yantra

Here are a few prominent boons of Kali Yantra-

  • Kali Yantra supports in fighting negative situations..
  • The yantra eradicates sorrow and pessimism and greets with joy and happiness..
  • The yantra dispels darkness and brings immense glory and light..
  • Kali Yantra assists in attaining success in undertakings and assists in becoming better and more efficient..
  • The yantra blesses with rejuvenation, happiness and sheer bliss.

How to use Kali Yantra?

Following are the few points which one must follow with perfection while using Kali Yantra-

  • Wash the copper plate with rose or clean water every week.
  • Place the yantra in either north or east direction. Light incense stick or lamp in front of the yantra.
  • Put dots using sandalwood powder paste on edges and in centre.
  • Devote fruits and flowers to it. You can also prepare a special prasad for the yantra.
  • While worshipping the yantra, make sure that you are focussing primarily on its centre. It is the most vital part of the entire yantra.
  • Chant “Om Kring Kalikaye Namah” mantra while worshipping yantra to add new happiness in life.

How to get Kali Yantra?

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