KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu yantra

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Kalasarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra


Fulfills Unfulfilled Desires, Bless Higher Principles


Kalasarpa Dosha Nivaranam brings you an opportunity seeking protection against snake influences, snake afflictions, sinful killing of snakes, unexpected snake bites or snake disturb you in dreams, snake entering your home or living place. It is easy to identify the influences of Kalasarpa Dosha in one’s natal chart or from birth chart horoscope.


The other influences of bad spirits or Kalasarpa Dosha are, one tend to see images of dead people or dead ancestors or recently died departed soul or recently departed family members. One can also possible to notice their own living home in troublesome times surrounded with water. Another dream of someone strangling them, pushing them out to death by accidents or unnatural death. Some often feel that they are lonely, fear of loneliness, fear of death, falling from high places. Offering prayers for healing different kinds of phobias helps you relieve from all these troublesome misfortunes in life. Worshiping at your home or office in the presence of Kalasarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra, gives you relief from Hardship, Tightens the possibility of choking down from phobias, Solves the instances of Kala Sarpa Doshas, Improves Health, solves sleep disorders, brings you close to Bondages, Long and Happy Life with Prosperity.


Rahu, Ketu Yantra


The study says that Saturn, Rahu and Ketu planets are considered as sinful planets, gives unfavorable and inauspicious results. If these planets are found or placed in one’s horoscope inappropriately, then he will face lot of turns, mixed results, failures, he will witness unfavorable circumstances in life. If the planet Rahu is placed inappropriately the native will come across mental disorders, physical ailments, illnesses, see life matters with confusion. Planet Ketu is one of the panchabhoota element of fire. If found in the horoscope the Ketu inflictions, the nature of native is seen with anger, depressed state of mind, no firmness in approach, thought, behaves rudely, under friction and anxiety. Rahu Ketu Yantra is a Navagraha Yantra invokes auspicious results set matters in the right direction methodically with frequency, solves Pitru Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha, removes mental anguish, mental disorders and disturbances. Worshiping this Yantra is a sacred energy preventing from untimely death, fear of missing, fear of distance, fear of heights, misfortunes.


Benefits of Rahu, Ketu Yantra, Placing in Home and Office


  • Rahu, Ketu Yantra get rid of problems in life, give relief to skin ailments, mentally disturbed circumstances, appearance of ancestors in dreams, wandering of minds, misconduct, devil’s workspace, bless higher consciousness, make life neutral in his endeavors.


  • Remove Fear of suppression by competition, enmity, loss in business, price inflations, attain all success in business ventures, profits in joint partnership, unity and strength.


  • Clears Pitru Doshas, Sins, Kalasarpa inflictions, influences of bad karmas, birth chart Doshas.


  • Brings unity in the family, Agile surroundings, brings peace in mind, Create positive energy


  • Bless Successful Career, Solves Health Issues, ill-effects of Manglik Doshas, Bless Early marriage, Boon for childless couples


How to worship Rahu, Ketu Yantra?


Once the Yantra is received, please place the Yantra on a brand-new copper plate and worship the Yantra, following this procedure:


  • Wash the copper plate with rose or clean water on weekly regular basis.


  • Place little Sandal and Vermillion paste on all the 4 corners and the center of the Yantra


  • Offer your devoted prayers to Yantra sincerely offering flowers, lamp, incense stick, cooked cow milk, 2 bananas, before you start your prayers.


  • While worshiping the Yantra focus on the center point of the Raghu Ketu Yantra which is called the Raghu Ketu Bindu which is the cosmic force through which your mind flows and sacred energy is blessed back to you in the form of cosmic energies of Lord Ganapati and Goddess Chinnamasta Devi while chanting the sacred Moola Mantra of Rahu and Ketu Planets


  • Chant sacred mantra of Rahu Moola Mantra for 108 times, “OM BHRAM BHREEM BHROUM SAH RAHAVE NAMAH”, Goddess Chinnamasta Devi blesses you with Unity, Strength, High Inspirations, Gainful Benevolence, Remove Kalasarpa Doshas, Brings you Nourishment in life.


  • Chant sacred mantra of Ketu Moola Mantra for 108 times, “OM STRAAM STREEM STRAUM SAH KETAVE NAMAH”, Lord Ganesha blesses you with absolute intelligence, good health, Ashta Siddhis and Riddhis, clear all anger, anxiety, troublesome mind, bless welfare of the family, children, brings material gains, prosperity.