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KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra


About KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra

KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra is a powerful device that protects from adverse influences and negativity. KalaSarpa dosha takes place when all the planets fall, between the Rahu and Ketu planets. This yantra decreases the chances of death and tragic events. The yantra also amasses immense potential in protecting from the snakebites and all possible harms from a snake.

Significance of KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra

KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra is a highly significant yantra as it brings Riddhi, Siddhi and fortune in life. It eradicates the harmful implication of the Rahu and Ketu planets, boosting immense peace and tranquillity in life. Rahu and Ketu are dark planets and their dominance in the horoscope wards off happiness and increases obstacles and worries. In such a situation, KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra comes into play and destroys all the poor effects of these hostile planets.

Need for KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra

KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra is for those who have numerous fears and worries in life. The yantra is highly needed by those whose horoscope has doshas linked with Rahu or Ketu planets. If you have KalaSarpa dosha in your Kundali then this yantra will do wonders for you.

Benefits of KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra

Here are a few prominent boons of KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra-

  • KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra protects from the adverse impact of sinful planets, including- Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.
  • This yantra removes all kinds of fear and safeguards life from all the catastrophes.
  • The yantra is highly influential in removing all the doshas and sinful elements from the horoscope.
  • The yantra protects from the chances of sudden or unwanted death.
  • This yantra boosts happiness, harmony and prosperity in life.
  • It blesses life with great courage, vitality and euphoria.

How to use KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra?

Following are a few important points one must remember while worshipping the KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra-

  • Place the yantra on a clean altar either facing east or north direction.
  • Wash the copper plate using either rose water or clean water.
  • Before starting the worship of yantra, put four dots of either sandalwood or kumkum paste on its four sides, including the centre.
  • Worship yantra by lighting a lamp or incense stick and devote fruits and flowers to it.
  • While worshipping chant the following mantras for 108 times to enhance the benefits-

How to get KalaSarpa Rahu Ketu Yantra?

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