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Kaarthaveeryarjuna Yantra—Lifetime Bodyguard in the Divine Form

Why Kaarthaveeryarjuna Yantra?

The Kaarthaveeryarjuna yantra represents the factor called “protection” for man’s life. When you want security and immense protection against negative happenings of life, you can trust your life in the hands of Kaarthaveeryarjuna yantra.

Divine priests chant the Kaarthaveeryarjuna mantra and energize/charge the divine copper plate, so as to provide you with protection when you possess it with you.

How to Use Kaarthaveeryarjuna Yantra?

As soon as you order for your Yantra and receive it from us, you can keep it in your prayer altar. Then you can maintain the copper plate in the following ways:

1.       Wash the copper plate with rose water/water on a periodical basis

2.       Place Sandal and Vermillion paste on all the 4 corners and the centre of the Yantra

3.       Pray sincerely to the Yantra and offer flowers and incense stick in front of it

4.       You can also offer Prasad to the Yantra considering as the deity who is going to fill your life with what you asked for.

5.       You can also carry this Yantra with you while travelling in a safe pouch/wallet, so that you can be ensured God’s protection follows you

   If you have further queries on using the Yantras, you can write to us.

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