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Dhumavati Yantra


About Dhumavati Yantra

Dhumavati Yantra is an extraordinary yantra with vibrant powers and unique geometric patterns. It is the best spiritual device to invite the goddess Dhumavati.

Significance of Goddess Dhumavati

Dhumavati is one of the renowned Tantrik goddesses and a prominent mahavidya. She is the only mahavidya who does not have any consort. Goddess Dhumavati is prominently illustrated as a widow who acquires supreme powers without masculine aid. The mahavidya is demonstrated to ride on a chariot whose emblem is a crow. She is pictured as a tall and robust standing older woman. She possesses messy hair and a heavily wrinkled face. She has grey hair and crooked teeth, and some of the teeth are missing while others are enormous. She wears old and unpleasant clothes and acquires an ugly and big nose. The goddess holds a winnowing basket in her left hand and clenches skull-cup and sword with other indicators. The chief deity also has one of her hands in a posture to give blessings of wisdom and immense knowledge. Goddess Dhumavati adorns a garland of shredded heads.

Chant the following divine mantra to make the best out of yantra puja

"Dhum dhum dhumavati swaha"

*Recitation of this mantra adds more warmth and charm to the yantra puja. Chant it 108 times to reap the most significance.

Benefits of worshipping Dhumavati Yantra

Following are the primary windfall of Dhumavati yantra:

  • Dhumavati yantra brings the blessings of supreme Mahavidya- Dhumavati.
  • It protects devotees from enemies.
  • One can combat hostile forces and evils by admiring Dhumavati Yantra.
  • The yantra guides worshippers towards the path of ultimate truce, stability, and peace.
  • It enlightens devotees with the power of silence and calmness.
  • The yantra blesses worshippers with supreme knowledge and intellect.
  • It assists by empowering with intelligence and consciousness.
  • The yantra guides devotees towards salvation or moksha.
  • It enlightens life with fulfilment and abundance.

How to use Dhumavati Yantra?

Follow the below tips to use your Dhumavati Yantra with great perfection:

  • Place the yantra on a clean altar. Make sure it faces either the North or East direction.
  • You can wash the yantra using a rose or clean water.
  • Always begin the worship by putting four dots of either sandalwood or kumkum paste on four sides of the yantra.
  • Light a lamp and offer fruits, flowers, and sweets while worshipping the yantra.

How to get Dhumavati Yantra?

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