Ucchista Maha Ganapathi Sahitha Sri Vidya Ganapathy Homa

on Ganesha Jayanthi / Scheduled Live On Jan. 21, 2018 @ 6 AM IST
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Ucchista Ganapathi Homam Ucchista Maha Ganapathi – Encounter All Obstacles In All Ventures Of Life

According to Vedic scriptures, Lord Ganapathi is a powerful God who solves the problems of devotees at the right time. Ucchista Ganapathi is the 8th one among 32 forms of Lord Ganapathi. In this form, he blesses a person to gain more knowledge and wisdom. Worshipping and offering certain rituals to him may lead to several benefits in life. Sri Ucchista Maha Ganapathy is mainly meant for achieving success in all types of endeavors. He also helps for reaching high levels in career by addressing exact needs.  Ucchista Maha Ganapathy Homam provides methods for getting the blessings from Lord Ucchista Ganapathy to get desired outcomes.


Sri Vidhya GanapathiSri Vidya Ganapathi – Abolishes Hurdles & Keeps Grievances Away

Sri Vidya Ganapathi is a one stop solution for all your grievances in life. He removes all hurdles and opens new horizons so that you remain happy, peaceful, wealthy and successful.

Vidhya Ganapathi enhances the learning capacities to achieve great heights in scholastic studies. He gives routes for overcoming trepidation issues when composing the exams.

Students are generally profited by Sri Vidhya Ganapathy to exceed expectations in their studies. Sri Vidhya Ganapathi Homam gives systems to sustaining the possibilities in a successful way.


Get Powerful Miracles Of All Gods & Uplift Your Way Of Life

Uchhista Ganapathi and Sri Vidya Ganapathi are two great forms of the Lord of Obstacles. While Ucchista means the lord of blessed offering who grants devotees predominance in life, success, promotions in work and superiority, Sri Vidya Ganapathi is a very powerful combined form of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The lower part has the body of Lalithambika and the upper part manifests with Ganesha form. This form is also called Vancha Kalpalatha where Vancha means desires and Kalpa Latha means divine mother Lalithambika. The Vancha Kalpalatha mantra is so powerful that it invokes all forms of Ganesha, Kubera, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Rudra, combined forms of all Shakti etc.


Here’s what you get from the mighty forms:

  • Fulfills heart desires
  • Overcomes obstacles in all areas like health, career, marriage, relationship, finance etc
  • Protects from negative forces
  • Helps achieve all goals in life
  • It enhances your persona, lifestyle etc.
  • Bestows material and spiritual progress

Therefore, performing the two homams on the day of Ganesh Jayanthi gives you manifold blessings of almost all deities of Vedic influence.

For Absolute Control Of Life Revere these two forms of Lord Ganapathi On Ganesha Jayanthi

Ganesha Jayanthi is celebrated as the Lord Ganesha’s birthday observed during the lunar month of Magha on Shukla Chathurthi that coincides with January-February month. This day is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha and therefore considered most auspicious. He was created on this day by his Mother Parvati with sandal wood paste from her body. Therefore, worshipping these two forms on this auspicious day of Ganesha Jayanthi bestows prosperity, auspiciousness, divinity, plentitude and also grants immense powers to the devotees.

There are 32 manifestations of Lord Ganapathy or Ganesh, the one who removes obstacles from the path of a devotee and also blesses them with good fortune. Some of them are Bala, Veera, Shakthi, Vijaya, Nritya Ganapathy etc. Ucchista Ganapathi is yet another personification representing tantric form. Sri Vidhya Ganapathi is considered as a knowledge enhancing Ganapathi who gives techniques to enhancing the learning aptitudes of studies in a compelling way.

Worshipping these two forms of Lord Ganapathi gives tremendous benefits to us. Get success in endeavours, fast progress in job related matters and absolute control of life by revering these two unique forms.

Significance of Ucchista Maha Ganapathi Sahitha Sri Vidya Ganapathi Homam

Ucchista Maha Ganapathi Sahitha Sri Vidya Ganapathi Homam helps ward off the negative effects of planetary combinations in a horoscope. It opens ways to obtain positive energies thereby keeping negativities at bay. These yagna mainly focuses on improving the knowledge and skill of the devotee. Children benefit to a wider extent as it increases their intellect in a very effective way. Both on the home and business front, one can witness a huge transformation. It also offers a wide scope to experience more knowledge.

The following are the other extra benefits you will earn from this ritual:

Ucchista Maha Ganapathi Homam

•    A ray of hope for childless couples
•    Removes hurdles and opens new horizons
•    Uplifts one’s career and business
•    Fulfills entire wishes of devotees
•    Means to derive wisdom and stay focused in life
•    Bad effects of planets can be neutralized
•    Prosperity and auspiciousness will be with you always
•    It ensures happiness, health and wealth



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  • Ucchista Maha Ganapathi Sahitha Sri Vidya Ganapathi Homam
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  • Ucchista Maha Ganapathi Sahitha Sri Vidya Ganapathi Homam
  • Kanipakam Vinayagar Temple
  • Energised Dancing Lord Ganesha Statue
  • Energised Ganapathi Yantra