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Dwadasha Kali Series of Homam – 8/ 12

Martanda Kali Homam

Abolishes Evil Karma, Ego, Negativity and Sun Dosha, Provides Material Progress, Financial Prosperity and Peace


Scheduled Live Stream on November 28, 2023 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Martanda Kali Destroys Ego and Darkness, Brings Radiance to Life

Martanda Kali symbolises the Sun God. The sun represents the 12 Indriyas or organs of senses like the five sense organs, five motor organs, the Manas (the mind), and Buddhi (intellect). She is Anakhya, imperceptible power related to Pramana, the means of knowledge. She goes beyond the Pramana concept, where the consuming 12 Shaktis abide.

Her powers dissolve the 12 senses that exhibit ego or ahamkara. These senses disappear when she dissolves the ego in man. She has created the body and the sense and she has the powers to absorb them according to her will.

There are 12 suns and the 12 indriyas represent them and at the level of ego become the cause of dissolution, and so in the Kamastotra, Kali is given the title Martanda Kali.

Parasamvid takes the form of Martanda Kali when it dissolves in the 12 senses due to the ego.

Martanda Kali is the great force of time and eternity behind the sun and moon and all the planets. She absorbs the energies of perception to destroy the ego and all darkness that comes along with it.

She radiates like the sun without whom the universe is surrounded by the darkness of evil, negativity, and vices. She helps to eliminate them and restore peace, happiness, and prosperity in life.

Siginificance of Martanda Kali Homam

Marthanda Kali Homam clears all doshas related to the senses or Indriyas which are essential to attain knowledge for the atma or soul. This also helps to achieve spiritual health and mental stability. The ritual to the goddess strengthens the sun in the horoscope.

Mantra for Martanda Kali

Karoti Ya Visva-Rasantakam Tam
Martandakalim Satatam Pranaumi

Dwadasha Kali Series

Martanda Kali Homam

Eliminates all Types of Fear, Sorcery and Ignorance, Helps Accrue Good Karma, Bestows Money, Progeny and Eternal Peace

Martanda Kali Homam dispels negativity, evil karma, and all negative effects of the Planet Sun. The sun is considered the great reliever of diseases and therefore Martanda Kali heals all diseases, improves health, and bestows peace of mind and overall wellness to you and your family. Her energies assure great positivity and affluence in the life of her devotees. The ritual gets rid of the malefic effects of the sun in the horoscope to give positive results. The Homam grants financial stability, helps to win in the career or job front, and helps to achieve goals. It revitalises sensory organs like the tongue, eyes, ears, nose, and skin. It also enhances the intellect and the mind. A person can attain financial prosperity, spiritual and material development with the Homam.

Benefits of Martanda Kali Homam

  • Eradicates bad karma, darkness, and evil forces.
  • Finds cures to diseases, and improves health and overall wellness.
  • Eliminates sun dosha, financial crunches, and diseases.
  • It bestows affluence, wealth, and material prosperity.
  • Refreshes the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Materialises dreams and aspirations.

Petti Kaliamman Energy Centre Puja
Gets Rid of Black Magic, Witchcraft and Marriage Delays, Confers Child Boons, Prosperity and Well-Being

Dwadasha Kali Series

Petti Kaliamman Energy Centre is located near the Cauvery River bank in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. Though the presiding deity of the temple is Lord Sundareswarar and Goddess Abhirami, the powerful Petti Kaliamman is the most popular deity of the place. The idol of the goddess was found floating in the river inside a ‘Petti’ (box), about 200 years ago. She’s also known as Sundara Mahakkali Amman and she remains inside the box to date. As the goddess is said to be a fierce form, only Prasadams (food offerings) that cool the deity are offered. There are certain restrictions concerning the worship of the deity. Menstruating and pregnant women, freshly shaven men, or people who have had an oil bath are not allowed to see the goddess, or offer prayers. Rahu Kala puja on Fridays is very auspicious and the powerful mother eliminates black magic, and witchcraft, removes curses, Rahu and Ketu dosha, and prevents marriage delays. The goddess blesses devotees with a good marriage, child boons, prosperity, and well-being.


Energised Red Gunja Mala
Expels Evil, Cures Physical Disorders, Enhances Wealth, Charm, Luck and Fortune

Dwadasha Kali Series

Found in the forests of Aravalli hills, the red Gunja seeds or Rosary Pea or Crab Eye, symbolise Goddess Lakshmi, and its wearer is blessed with wealth and prosperity. The Gunja Mala or necklace wards off evil and removes the effects of black magic, cures digestive ailments, and improves appetite and taste. The other benefits of the mala include providing physical strength, good luck, physical charm, and good fortune. the beads also attract wealth from various sources, protect from an economic crisis, and help to increase investments. According to Vedic experts, natural red Gunja seeds mala lure goddess Maha Lakshmi to the location where it’s kept. You can place the energised mala in your puja altar or wear it around your neck for the immense benevolence of the goddess.


Budget Package (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 120.00
  • Martanda Kali Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Martanda Kali Homam
  • Petti Kaliamman Energy Centre Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Martanda Kali Homam
  • Petti Kaliamman Energy Centre Puja
  • Energised Red Gunja Mala