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Repair Ancestral Karma by Worshiping Rahu and Ketu

Kalasarpa Homam

Nullifies Negative Karma Of Ancestors

Scheduled Live On: 21 March, 2017 from 6 PM to 9 PM IST 

This Event has been completed

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Rahu and Ketu are the most dreaded planets in astrology due to their strong Karmic affiliations. Vedic astrology strongly believes in their effects and all natal charts are designed based on their position. The two are considered the nodes of moon and are imaginary in nature. 

Rahu is a shadow planet which means that it has no physical existence.  It is also referred to as the Dragon’s Head and is assigned the north point of the lunar node.

If Rahu is the north point, Ketu is the south point and again it is an imaginary shadowy planet. Ketu represents the dragon’s tail and has a distinct and predictable influence in one’s horoscope.


Kalasarpa is determined on the basis of the position of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart.  An interesting story behind the origin of Rahu and Ketu is that once the gods and demons came to an understanding to churn the ocean to obtain nectar of immortality. The nectar was procured and while it was being distributed between them, a demon disguised as a god sat between the moon and the sun to drink it.

Lord Vishnu who came to know of this aimed his Sudharshana chakra which resulted in his head being chopped off but the demon had already drunk the nectar that was stuck in his throat. The head is the immortal Rahu and the torso Kethu. As the sun and moon had complained to Lord Vishnu, to this day Rahu and Kethu consider them their enemies. This has lead to the lunar eclipses where the moon is seen to be swallowed.

Later the north part was called Rahu and the south part Ketu and they became part of the Navagraha which also includes the other seven planets. There are 12 more Kalasarpa doshas described in ancient texts based on Rahu, Ketu positions with respect to ascendant or lagna.

Astrology experts say that when all planets lie between Rahu and Ketu, it is Kalasarpa, if the planets are moving towards Ketu it is Kalasarpa yoga and if they are found moving towards Rahu, it is Kalasarpa dosha. This infamous yoga is most often genetic and it is passed on from generation to generation through DNA.


The two shadow planets are placed at 180 degrees from each other. A person with the yoga finds a drastic change in his life after the age of 33. This may be positive or negative according to how the native’s life has been till that age. For e.g. if he was very successful and prosperous up to that age, then the exact opposite happens like losses in business, addiction to bad habits, mental restlessness, separation from family, sudden deaths in the family, sudden difficulties in important matters etc. on the other hand, if he has seen unhappiness and losses up to that age, then he sees success, fame and fortune.

It is believed that these shadow planets watch the native for their karmas and based on that, they either bless or curse.


Kalasarpa dosha is mostly hereditary and its effects are seen only during Vimshottari dasas which is the most accurate and logical method to predict the exact time of past, present and future events. For all your queries, like when you will buy a house, get a job, get married or have children, the answers are revealed by looking at either the planetary transits or Vimshottari dasha period.

The negative effects of Kalasarpa dosha can be rectified by performing remedies like yagya and pujas, sarpa dosha on the other hand needs to be carefully analysed and its remedies are quite complex to carry out.


Vedic astrology foretells many reasons for Naga dosha or Sarpa dosha.

Occult or black magic practices of ancestors, killing an unborn child, slaying serpents, injustice to spiritually influenced women, destroying temples or idols due to prejudice or hate etc.


Vedicfolks is performing the Kalasarpa yagna on 21st March, 2017 on the day of Anvashtaka and Navmi, considered to be auspicious for Kalasarpa. This day is also meritorious for doing ancestral rites for ancestors. Anvashtaka ritual is observed on the ninth day during the waning phase of moon or the Krishna Paksha Navami in many places across the country. Since, Kalasarpa yoga or dosha is hereditary in nature, performing the homa on this day is favourable. The yagya is important as it helps to overcome all problems in life. The chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra also reduces the negative effects of the yoga. The yagna normalises the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu to a large extent. It provides scope for the unmarried and disturbing incidents are prevented from taking place.


Provides professional and personal stability

Removes hurdles from the path

Provides harmony and peace of mind

Malefic effects of planets are minimised

Financial problems are solved

Relief from other malefic effects of Kaal Sarp dosha

Obstacles in path of success are removed

The unmarried get their life partners and

The unemployed get job


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