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Powerful Shield to Protect us from Enemies, Misfortunes, Unknown Disease, Bless Opulence

Narayana Kavacham Homam

Scheduled Live On April 20, 2020 @ 4 AM IST


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Coronavirus (CoV) is a Latin word "Corona" means "Crown" or "Wreath" is an infective form of virus which has the characteristic appearance of virions, infects all types of life forms from animals and plants to microorganisms. Still research is on to make sure the origin and reported that it is a combination of two viruses, which still not yet confirmed. This Infectious Disease affects mankind respiratory systems with symptoms starting with fever, cough, breathing difficulties, kidney failure and certain uncontrollable cases, also reported death.

Today COVID-19 is an infectious disease a family of viruses includes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and produces symptoms of pneumonia, out-breaking a bacteria which is reported as, killed many, and multiplying the infectious every day, around the globe.

How Should You Not Worry About Coronavirus and Cheer Good Health

  • Think positively, improve overall well-being, Give Up day-dreaming
  • Boost Immune System to prevent the outbreaks, keep your environment clean
  • Fitness is the Mantra to protect from health disorders, be Hygienic, wash your hands, face, mouth at frequent intervals.
  • Have Instant Health Check-up, prevent from health sickening, illness,
  • Protect from getting sickness, give-up illusions, STOP anywhere, anytime food habits
  • Boost Endurance, Give-up fear and anxiety
  • Protect from contracting infectious disease, follow systematic protection measures and Social Distancing.
  • Give-up direct contact with infected individuals, contaminated surfaces and objects, Practice Self-Quarantine.

It is an High Alert Life Saving Call, a cluster of serious respiratory illness is originating around the world. Instantly, Vedicfolks is organizing Second Remedy Ritual for FREE "SHRI HANUMAN HOMAM & HANUMAN CHALISA PUJA" on 5th April, 2020 for the global welfare, to make disease-free life, saving the lives from the wide spread infections, bless natives with good health, continued good faith, gain good prospects, peace and harmony.

Narayana Kavacham

Lord Narayana Kavacham enumerated in Chapter 8 in the 6th Skanda of Bhagavada Purana. In this chapter it illustrates, how the King of Gods and the ruler of Heavens Lord Indra, have achieved victory over the soldiers of the demonic force, catalogued the Narayana Kavacham or Vishnu Mantra as a Shield against any known or unknown enemies.  Once Raja Paraikshith, son of Abhumanyu, requests Sage Shukla to teach him Sri Narayana Kavacham, was taught this Lord Vishnu Mantra, to overcome enemies, win over battles. Lord Narayana is Purnapurrushttom Purush and Narayana Kavacha is sung in the praise of Lord Vishnu to drive away all evil forces and gain control of the three worlds and wealth. It is a shield to protect from Black Magic, all sorts of negativities like evil eye, black eye, evil energies or spells, Bless self-realization, self-control, positive energies, achieve victory in all endeavors.

Moola Mantra For Narayana Kavacham

Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya

Om Vishnuve Namah

Narayana Kavacham Homam

Dedicated to Lord Narayana (Vishnu) performed with pure heart and delicacy. Chanting Narayana Kavacha presides a dynamic care and accuracy, venerates a purified energy that is released by every particle of syllable sound, praising the master of spiritual sky and Supreme Personality of God Head, the Lord Krishna, himself. Performing this sacred Homam, promotes highly powerful medium clearing the mind from weakness, Enhance self-confidence, Remove Evil Effects, Negativities,  Protective Shield from Natural and Unnatural Harmful Disease, Attainment of Liberation and Prosperity.


  • Gain Power, Presence of Mind, Remove Weakness and Misfortune
  • Shield of Protection from Enemies, Bless Supreme Well-being, Gain Will-power
  • Bless Courage and Strength, Remove Fear of Enemies
  • Remove sins, Bless continuous Joy and happiness
  • Gain Sense of Absoluteness, Self Consciousness, Remove Ignorance, Innocence
  • Liberation from miseries of Failures, Destroys Sins

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