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Vedicfolks Signature Ritual: Dasa Mahavidya Series of Homam with Kundalini Awakening (Tantra)
Chinnamasta Homam
Get the Boon of Abundance & Flourishing Posterity
Scheduled Live on July 19, 2017 6PM IST

This event has been completed

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Goddess Chinnamasta - The One Who Has No Desires

It is quite certain that Kundalini shakti moves upwards with great force passing through the seven chakras, reaching the Sahasrara chakra and moving even higher towards the Ardha Bindu and Bindu chakra. Goddess Chinnamasta awakens the Kundalini shakti which is the main spiritual energy of our body. 
Chinnamasta is one goddess of the ten Dasa Mahavidyas or Wisdom Goddesses with a unique and terrible physical form. Holding a severed head, that drinks blood from one of the three streams that oozes out of her neck, Goddess Chinnamasta portrays a picture of alarm. The other two streams of blood quench the thirst of her companions Dakini and Varnini. She holds a blood stained sword and wears a garland of skulls, her hair let loose to resemble lightening forks. 
She stands on a copulating couple to prove that she has mastered the physical body and decapitated head means her mind is free from all desires. She symbolises transcendence of the body and her satisfied looks in the amputated head shows that she has conquered sex, life and death – the three cycles that are a must for life and subsequent demise.

Ekadasi Thithi Perfect Time for Chinnamasta Homam

Ekadasi is the 11th day of a fortnight in a lunar month. It means the 11th day of each half of the month in the Vedic lunar calendar. So there are two Ekadasi days in each month on the Vedic calendar. One is in the first half of the month whilst the moon is waxing, or growing. This is known as the bright fortnight. The second is in the second half of the month whilst the moon is waning, or shrinking. This is known as the dark fortnight. 
In a way, Ekadasi is related to the moon and mind and also the Chakras. The chakras are in the astral body. As the moon has an influence on the physical body it has an impact on the chakras as well. The mind moves up and down traversing through these chakras and is known as Yoga. The moon has great influence on the mind through the chakras. Chinnamasta Homam awakens the Kundalini that invokes the Sahasrara and goes much beyond to connect with the Ardha Bindhu chakra. 
How To Rouse The Powers Of Goddess Chinnamasta 
If you want to embark on a spiritual journey one should try connecting with Her. She awakens the Kundalini as one visualises a bright white light that concentrates in the third eye (Ajna Chakra). This light moves upward to the crown of your head where Sahasrara chakra resides. From there it moves still upwards until it reaches the Ardha Bindu chakra that rests above the Sahasrara.  
She blesses devotees with writing and oratory skills especially for astrologers and people pursuing occult practices. Those with malefic Rahu in their natal charts get relief by accessing Goddess Chinnamasta through the homam. She removes all negativity associated with the eighth house of one’s birth chart.
Why Perform Chinnamasta Homam: Promises Abundant Wealth And Stabilizes The Mind
Chinnamasta Homam eradicates all evil things and drishti dosha related to wealth. The powerful Mother besides granting spiritual powers to the devotees and also showers them with abundant wealth. She provides befitting solutions to problems in life and gives relief to debt and poverty. The homam prevent one from attaining early or sudden death and corrects the malefic effects of Rahu from one’s birth chart. For childless couples, this homam provides the boon of a child. By Chinnamasta homam one can be assured of these benefits.
  • It completely destroys drishti dosha mainly related to wealth 
  • Chinnamasta homam removes black magic and evil spirits from your life
  • Complex health issues can be cured.
  • One can get relief from all their stress and mental pressure
  • It improves concentration level and stabilizes your mind
Vedicfolks is organising the intense Chinnamastha Homam on the auspicious day of Kamika Ekadashi that falls on 19th July, 2017. It is fine day in the month of Shravan during Krishna Paksha, the waning phase of the moon. Goddess Chinnmastha can be easily pleased by chanting mantras and worshipping yantras. You will be totally satisfied if you please her to the maximum.

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