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Ashada Gupta Navratri Special

Diminish Sins, Stress, Clear Obstacles in life, Gain Healthy Progeny, Bless Peace, Wealth, Prosperity

Kamalatmika Devi Homam

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Attract Plenty of Opulence to Your Prosperous Life

Scheduled Live Stream on June 30 , 2020 @ 5.00 AM IST


Goddess Kamalatmika is Devi who is a divine energy of wisdom, sacred cosmic character appear in the form of fullness with her graceful aspect. She is another form of Goddess Parvati, the tenth Mahavidya, goddess of wisdom. Praying her honor Lord Shukra, bless boons, purity, positive energy, enormous Opulence, Jewelry and grandeur.


Kamalatmika Devi Homam- Bestower of Joy, Liberation, Happiness, Material Comforts, Remove hatred, Inferiority

Goddess Kamalatmika is said to be the creator of universe and shares three important attributes of Lakshmi. According to ancient Vedic texts, Kamala Devi signifies more wealth in life by eradicating poverty and other problems. Devotees offers prayers to her, gain better prospects by overcoming difficulties in life. Goddess Kamalatmika Devi homam bless devotees with graceful aspects, wisdom, boons, luxury and comforts for leading a successful life.


Goddess Kamalatmika Devi Moola Mantra

sadācārapriye devī

śuklapuşpa varapriye ||

gomāyādi suci prīte

mahālakşmī namostute ||


  • Ensuring victory in all types of endeavors 
  • Get more luck, fame, power and fortune in life 
  • Helps to reach goals in both material and spiritual life 
  • Prevent health problems in an effective manner
  • Solving the fertility issues of women 
  • Helps to achieve peace of mind from unnecessary worries



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