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Hanuman Pooja- Getting Complete Protection In Life

Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the wind god who is known for tremendous powers. He is also the most pious devotee of Lord Rama and helped to destroy enemies and demons. It is said that offering worship to him will largely benefit a person to live a trouble free life. Hanuman Pooja plays a key role in ensuring protection against potential threats and risks. This Pooja is a suitable one for those who want to overcome various types of obstacles in life. Lord Hanuman blesses his devotees whey they offer Pooja to him.

Why Hanuman Pooja?

According to ancient Vedic texts, Lord Hanuman helps to live a problem less life by addressing exact needs.
•    Hanuman Pooja provides methods for preventing health issues and mental disturbances in an effective manner.
•    It is a suitable one for those who want to recover from negative and ill forces in life.
•    This Pooja allows a person to increase strength and courage levels to manage difficult situations.
•    People can be able to achieve goals in all endeavors with this Pooja by meeting exact requirements.

Benefits of Hanuman Pooja

•    Anyone who wants to live a struggle free life can choose Hanuman Pooja for gaining better prospects.
•    In addition, it is possible to recover from health problems with this Pooja.
•    Furthermore, Hanuman Pooja is a suitable for reducing the malefic effects of planets in a horoscope.
•    Karmic issues can also be removed with this Pooja.

Organizing Hanuman Pooja

Hanuman Pooja can be done with Vedic folks, a leading Vedic firm that offers valuable services to devotees. Expert priests will chant the mantras from Vedic scriptures to experience positive energies on the body. Prasads are sent directly to those who are not able to attend this Pooja. Online services are also available for booking Hanuman Pooja at anytime in an easy manner. 

Hanuman Pooja Mantra (The specified Mantra is to be recited for 108 times as a standard rule; however, changes if any will be mentioned by the priest at the time of the Pooja) 

“Mano javam , maruda thulya vegam, 

Jithendriyam buddhi matham varishtam, Vatha 

atmajam vanara yudha mukhyam, Sree rama 

dootham sirasa namami”


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Watch your Homam on LIVE VF TV clicking on the link below after booking your schedule