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Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam

Obtain Godsends of Riches, Wealth, Glory & Prosperity in Life


Significance of Veera avatar of Hanuman

Mighty Lord Hanuman is one of the most courageous and supreme godheads. He is admired in nine different incarnations, each with different characteristics. Veera avatar is one of the most celebrated and admired aspects of Lord Hanuman. In this aspect, vayu son Hanuman acts as a saviour of devotees. He is a terminator with magical powers to end brutality and adversities. It is the second incarnation among the nine supreme manifestations of the mighty Hanuman.

Veera avatar is the most rebellious and fiercest incarnation of Lord Hanuman. This embodiment of mighty Hanuman carries a mace or a gada with which he crushes all the demons and evil forces. The mace of Hanuman in this incarnation points upwards, which implies that he is prepared to fight the enemy and sway away the evil powers. In this aspect, one leg of Hanuman is always in front, which symbolizes that he is ready to fight and come to the battlefield. The story of Veera Hanuman is gloriously elaborated in Parasara Samhita.

About Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam

In Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam, a complete arrangement is organized to execute a fire ritual for the commanding godhead Hanuman. A sacrificial fire is lighted, and ceremonies to admire and gratify mighty Veera Hanuman take place. Mantras are vocalized in affection, and shlokas are intonated.

 Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following Dhyana Shloka is primarily chanted during the worship of Veera Hanuman Avatar:

“Chintitardapradam Devam-Santakaram Mahaa Prabhum|
Santatam Chintaye Hanumantam Anupamam”||
“Manojavam Maruta Tulya Vegam -Jitendriyam Budhi Mataam Varistam|
Vatatmajam Vanarayudha Mukhyam - Sri Rama Dutam Sirasa Namami”|| 

Boons of Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following are a few substantial windfalls of Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam:

  • Veera Hanuman Avatar Homam brings the powerful and vital aura of Veera Hanuman to life
  • This fire ritual grants abilities to fight negative situations and forces effectively.
  • It keeps the wrath of enemies away.
  • The Homam nurtures abundance and happiness in life.
  • It embraces life with joy and absolute peace by keeping all the disturbing components away.

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