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Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar Homam

Blesses with Prosperity, Abundance, Riches & Glory


Significance of Suvarchala Sahita avatar of Hanuman

Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman is one of the most fascinating and admirable aspects of Lord Hanuman. This is the rarest avatar of Lord Hanuman as in this facet supreme Lord appears with his wife, Suvarchala Devi. Goddess Suvarchala is the daughter of Surya devata, and she was born from the varchas or eternal luminescence of the Sun. Surya Devata bestowed Vedic knowledge to Hanuman. Mighty Hanuman married Surya's daughter to present him, guru Dakshina. Surya also gave a boon to Hanuman that even after marrying Suvarchala Sahita, the celibacy of Hanuman will remain, and he will be known as a brahmachari.

Parashara Samhita, a notable text, states that the marriage of Hanuman and Suvarchala Devi is for the good of the entire world or Vishwa kalyanam. Lord Hanuman as Suvarchala Sahita safeguards devotees from all external forces and catastrophes, bringing harmony and treasure in life. Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar is prominent for blessing an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman, Dhwajadatta.

About Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar Homam

In Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar Homam, an arrangement is set to admire and cherish this great avatar of Lord Hanuman. A fire lab is lighted, and priests chant mantras and shlokas in the affection of Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman.

Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following Dhyana Shloka is chanted during the Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Homam with ultimate dedication:

“Suvarchaladista Vama Bhagam Veerasanandam Kapibrunda Sevyam|
Svapaada Mulam Saranam Gathanamabhistapadam Sri Hanumanthameleh”|| 

Boons of Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar Homam

Here are a few major boons of Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Avatar Homam:

  • Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Homam brings prosperity and abundance in life.
  • With this Homam, one can attain the blessings of Lord Hanuman and the great Suvarchala Devi.
  • It brings eternal peace and serenity nurturing life with immense bliss.
  • This fire ritual curbs all the negative elements that hinder monetary gains and affluence.
  • It eradicates all dosha and imbalance, which destroys the composure and tranquillity of devotees
  • The grand Homam adores life with auspiciousness and overall development.
  • All the evil energies stay away with this Homam's aid.
  • Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman Homam blesses with absolute fortune and glory.

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