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Sita Lakshmana Bharata Shatrughna Hanuman Sametha Sri Rama Chandra Homam

(A Group Homa to Lord Rama’s Famed Clan)



Sita Lakshmana Bharata Shatrughna Hanuman Sametha Sri Rama Chandra Homam is dedicated to the avatar god, his consort, siblings and his ardent follower, the mighty Lord Hanuman. Homam removes doshas and negative influences of planets in a horoscope. It reduces the effects of negative Karma and ensures that an individual achieves mental strength, vigour and vitality along with will power and self esteem. It ensures your win in all matters especially in business and career. It makes sure you flourish, grants justice in times of adversity and enhances your will power and mental potential.  

Lord Rama Homam

The very word rama means supreme bliss and also means Brahman or the absolute. He is the supreme cosmic spirit, all pervadeing, the ultimate consciousness and Ishwara having infinite attributes. He was born to destroy the demon King Ravana so that righteousness and dharma prevails. He is called Maryada Purushothama, an epitome of a perfect human or Lord of Self Control. His principle devotee was Hanuman, considered a symbol of devotion and right action. Lord Rama protects, maintains and sustains those who seek him. He fulfills desires, grants liberation, removes fear and anxiety.

Mother Sita Homam

An incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu, Mother Sita is an embodiment of nobility and high wifely attributes. She also symbolises purity, fertility, intelligence, progress and prosperity. She is the adopted child of King Janaka, also known as Janaki, and underwent immense tribulations in her life. She is still looked upon as ideal woman for her exemplary virtues, ideal traits and gracious presence in the life of Lord Rama and his three brothers. Worship her to get peace, good marital life and marital prospects.

Lakshmana Homam

Lord Rama’s younger brother, Lakshman is considered to be sesha, the million-headed serpent on which Lord Vishnu rests in Vaikunta. He is a highly skilled archer who is capable of aiming five hundred arrows in a single shot. He accompanied his elder brother wherever he went, and so was a great follower of Lord Rama, in every sense of the term. Lakshmana is known for his loyalty, honesty and short temper and without him Lord Rama may not have won the war against Ravana. Worship him to get relief from naga doshas, nakshatra dosha and past life sins. 

Bharata Homam

Lord Rama’s yet another brother is known for his devotion and profound love for his elder sibling. When Lord Rama went to the forest for 14 years he ruled ayodhya placing his brother’s footwear on the throne. No ocean was so deep, no mountain immovable, no sky so vast and endless as compared to Bharata’s love for Lord Ram. Bharata was so much a part of Lord Rama as he ruled the kingdom in his place and therefore the lord himself said that there can’t be two temples for them and that Bharata was a part of him. Realise the ultimate reality of Brahman that grants eternal truth and bliss. 

Shatrughna Homam

The twin of Lakshman, Shatrughna had great love and reverence for his elder brother. He was instrumental in the killing of the demon Lavanasura, the demon king of Mathura, also a nephew of Ravana.  He learned the trick from Sri Rama, took his blessings and carried out the task, later he was given the charge of ruling the land of the demon king. But he returned to Ayodhya as he could not bear the separation from his brother. Get the blessings of brotherhood, peace and love with reverence to Shatrughna. 

Hanuman Homam

Hanuman is an ardent follower of Lord Ram and is also a central character in the epic tale Ramayana. He is always worshipped along with Lord Rama and is said to assume any form. He is also revered for his mighty power, his ability to assume any form at will, to inflate or reduce to a thumbnail, his magical might to ward off evil and other troubles that his devotees face. He is the quintessence of wisdom, self-control, valour, righteousness, courage, strength and righteousness. One who prays to him will attain, power, success, prosperity, glory and strength.

How A Group Homa to Lord Rama’s Famed Clan can work for you

  • Each and every entity named in the homa is known for their surpassed qualities of love, devotion and loyalty
  • It ensures unity and harmony in the family with endless love and care to support. 
  • It also grants a long life to the husband or wife, upholds righteousness and grants liberation.
  • Find reprieve from health issues and obstacles. 
  • It also attracts wealth and prosperity and sees that there’s no dearth of desires in your life. 
  • The yagya removes all types of doshas including that of planets, eradicates past life sins and purifies the mind, body and soul. 
  • As the lord himself portrays splendid attributes of victory, valour and values, the ritual also bestows these high qualities to the devotee.
  • Lord Rama and his famed clan ensure that you live your life to the fulsome – happy and worry-free.

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