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Phulera Dooj Special

Swayamvara Parvathi Homam

A powerful Enlightened Homam, Remove Marriage Hurdles, Bless Happy Married Life

Scheduled Live on February 25, 2020 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed

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Phulera Dooj Special day for Marriage Rituals - Remove Obstacles, Bless Successful Marriage Life

Phulera Dooj is an auspicious Ritual, acknowledges great amount of joy and happiness. The word "Phul" is Flower and "era" is playing with flowers where Lord Krishna play a part during the celebration of Holi. The word "Dhooj" denotes the second day or "Dwitiyai" after the new moon where Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmani is decorated with Flowers followed by ‘Sandhya Aarti’ and ‘Samaj mein Rasiya’ on this remarkable day. Performing Swayamvara Parvathi on this day is said to be very auspicious to receive the blessings of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmani for marriage engagement and happy well-beings of the married couple, blessing a boon with Children.

Who is Swayamvara Parvathi?

Goddess Parvati, she who was facing, a lifetime longing for marrying Lord Shiva, got fulfilled after Penance. In this ensuring marital happiness, praying on this day, invoke the divine blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to devotees for a happy and prosperous marriage life time.

Swayamvara Parvathi Homam?

This Homam is very auspicious to fulfill one's desire, bless native with Perfect Life Partner, Strengthen Relationship between Husband and Wife, Eliminate delays and obstacles, Clear unfavorable planetary position in the Birth Chart and bless to make your wish come true.

Swayamvara Parvati Moola Manthra


Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara

Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha


The most powerful mantra, helps you to succeed in your pre and post marriage hurdles, This mantra to be recited for 1008 times a day, for 108 days for the complete Removal of Delays, Adverse effects, Karmic Doshas and Negativities.

Significance of Swayamvara Parvati Homam on Phulera Dooj - Begin the Mind with Purity and Divine Sense, Remove Fear of Marriage Isolation

Swayamvara Parvati Homam solving each person desires, a great expedition to remove the pain, distress and hardship was once faced by the divine Goddess Parvati, in order to get married to Lord Shiva and have succeeded after a great penance, long wait and patience. Swayamvar Parvati Homam on this Phulera Dooj day is filled with joy and happiness marking the beginning of Holi, is performed to gain the divine grace and blessings of Goddess Parvati, for enhancing marital happiness in life of every couple and solve delayed marriages, negate all divorce petitions bringing the Husband and Wife together, and married couples will keep enjoying the married life, happily. This Homam is performed to invoke the divine grace and blessings of Parvathi Devi for ensuring marital happiness in the life of every women. Performing Homam this day is very auspicious for fixing the marriage engagements to see that their desires are fulfilled. This Homam is to breath a new life offering prayers for an auspicious start with joy and happiness, creating harmonious relationship, good health, wealth and prosperity.


  • Bless Happy Married Life, Free from disagreements
  • Gain numinous strength and vitality, Overcome Obstacle
  • Bless suitable relationship with the spouse, remove egoistic attitude
  • Bestow desires in life, overcome distress
  • Bless partner of self-esteem, remove repute of evil thoughts
  • Clear the hurdles for happy married life, bless family bonding, wealth and prosperity.

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