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Lord Narada Sahasranama Maha Homam - Bless Procreative Abilities, Mental Stability, Distribution Techniques, Resource Management, Natural Aptitudes, Music

Performing Lord Narada Sahasranama Maha Homam is a spiritual enlightenment, an exclusive worshiper of Lord Vishnu, one who is famous of chanting the sacred mantra “Narayana, Narayana”, all the time, is quite significant that only after worshiping Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narada is worshiped.

Chanting Sahasranamas, 1008 names worshiping Lord Narada on this occasion is equivalent to worshiping Lord Krishna himself, as Lord Narada is revered and honored as one of the twelve mahajanas, who is a strong devotee of Lord Krishna in the form Lord Vishnu and he was a ancient gandharva in his previous birth before becoming a rishi in the category of a Deva Rishi. By Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagavadh Gita associated Lord Narada as his own form among all Maharishis and Lord Narada always chant the name Goddess Radha very frequently, by which Lord Krishna gets pleased quickly and this day worshiping them chanting Lord Narada Sahasranama 1008 names worshiping Lord Narada leads the life instantly blessing all with unending wealth and opulence.

Performing on this day Lord Narada Sahasranama Maha Homam honoring and praising Lord Narada gives devotees wonderful benefits in life. He is the manasa putra one who have appeared from the mind of Lord Brahma is the first form of living being who has been given the finest permission to roam all the three lokas namely the heaven (Swargaloka), the earth (Mrityuloka), under the earth (Patalloka) is revered as Triloka Sanchari, traveler of three worlds to find out the status of human life and welfare of people, blesses all with effective communication, carrier of professional message more elegantly with high intelligence, fruitful effective negotiation, influencing, acquaintance, bestow miracles in business, go-getter, powerful representation of brands, successful beginning, executing, profitable conclusion, delivery, loyalty retention, creator of arts, music, scriptures, pious, master of Yoga, Guru of multiple task, good companionship, boost friendship, philosophy, leadership traits, manage transport business, logistics, long distance travel, perform good deeds, remove mis-leads, sins, miscommunication, promotes music, spirituality, punish evil doers, bestow justice, initiator of competition, troubles, quarrels, splits, bringer of peace, harmony, lasting relationship, all kinds of wealth in life, prosperity.


Appearance: Lord Narada is a powerful Guru of Soul, is a mind-born son of Lord Brahama, created from the sheer power of mind and strong devotee of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha

Ethical Messenger: Lord Narada is one of the ten mind-born sons of Lord Brahama was born out of Lord Brahmas lap, as a divine sage and is a messenger between Gods to people and vice-versa.

Peace Making Attributes: He is fond of doing mischief who is termed philosophically as “Kali Priya” one who is fond of engaging wordy dwells between Gods and men to create a discord and disharmony, appearing in the dice innocently.

Lord Narada as Shishya: Lord Narada is like a Shishya an aspirant to Lord Vishnu who is Sadguru, where the Shishya is committed to attaining perfection, pursue for higher Goals, focuses on spiritual practice, is a believer of absolute truth with pure self-consciousness.

Music and Veena: Lord Narada is an efficient user of his sacred instrument “Veena” to convey messages through bhajans, bheej mantras and by singing.

Reality of Soul: Lord Narada is also said to be the receiver of highest knowledge which is called “absolute reality of the soul” which he said to be the Guru who explains the nature of soul, its purpose, its sanctity and so on.

Ethics of Dharma: Lord Narada is an amazing Guru beyond arrogance and egoistic outlook sets always an example of being ethical and bestower of excellent life to the people at large. He is also called as supreme spirit in the cosmic world, is perfect Guru of Soul teaches the ethics of dharma to the humanity in the universe.

Author of Narada Scriptures: Lord Narada is author of Astronomy, Music and Arts. Also sacredly scripted with devotion the famous Naradashiksha and Naradasmriti comprising the principles of grammar, syllable and phonetics. He is also the author of Narada Purana comprising of beautiful Vedic hymns, stories.

Narada Bhakti Sutras: Lord Narada famous works and accomplishment is Narada Bhakti Sutras in the form of 84 aphorisms of Gods and Goddess appearances, devotion aspects.

Guru of Sankhya and Yoga: Lord Narada is the Guru of Sankhya school of philosophy which covers two independent realities of life, being purusa the consciousness, prakriti the matter. He is also considered the Guru of Yoga school of philosophy.

Combined Benefits
  • Devotees to fast from sunrise in the morning, on the auspicious day of Ekadasi
  • Fasting starts from day of Dashami Thiti and end fasting on Dwadashi Tithi.
  • Observing Fasting “Upavasa” on sattvic food only, on the day of Dashami
  • To take bath in the morning before taking the vows of Ekadasi, light Lamp, light Incense, offer fruits to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha
  • Worship Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha with coconut, amla, pomegranate and other desirable fruits.
  • Start Worshiping Lord Krishna by chanting holy names of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha
  • Read Narada Purana and his works and scriptures
  • Read Bhagavad-Gita, do meditation worshiping Lord Krishna
  • Worship Lord Vishnu listen to Vishnu Sahastranamam, on Ekadasi day
  • Offer Charity, Food, Eatables, Clothes to Poor Brahmins
Moola Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavate Tubhyam
Vasudevaya Dhemhi
Pradhyumnaya niruddhaya
Namaha Sankarsanaya Ca

Combined Benefits
  • Boost Wealth, Opulence, Financial Gains, Remove Crisis, Appraise Wealth
  • Gain Leadership Qualities, Higher Self, Pure Consciousness, Remove depression
  • Bless Virtuousness, Prosperity, Happiness, Peace in life, Remove Sins, Bad Faith
  • Gain Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom, remove ignorance, Set the path to Moksha
  • Bless Skills, Talents, Scripting, Music and Art, Remove Innocence, Egoistic attitude
  • Bestow Love and Affection with Spouse and Children, Cures health problems
  • Boost Growth in Professions of Reporting, Journalism, Welfare of Employees


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