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Kulachudamani Tantra Homam

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Destroy Unseen Enemies, Elevate Your Career Status & Remove Doshas for Entire Life
Ever Powerful Goddess Mahishamardini Is the Absolute Power

The Kulachudamani Tantra or crest jewel of all the mantras is an Agama wherein Lord Maheswara (Shiva) becomes the Sishya and Mahishamardini, his consort takes the place of Guru. the lord asks questions answered by the Goddess. The most essential feature of this achara is the attainment of Knowledge and that the Mother is worshipped in three different forms Tripurabhairavi, Kalika and Durga.

The iconography of Mahishamardini, the goddess of Kulachudamani tantra has eight hands holding the chakra or discus, khataga (sword), arrow, trident, shield, bow and Tarjani Mudra. She is dark, wears yellow robes and is seated on a black buffalo. She vanquished the two demons, Shumbha and Nishumba in an epic battle that lasted for nine nights and during this time the ever powerful Kali emerged out of Durga’s third eye.

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam - MahishamardiniMahishamardini: The One That Pervades the Universe 

The word ‘kula’ means family or clan, but according to the Kulachudamani texts, it is not so. The Tararahasyavrrittika, a Tantric literature, mentions that kulam’ means matri mana meyam where mata or matri is jiiva, manam is jnana or knowledge and meyam is vishwa (world) and this is synonymous with the goddess. An essential feature of this achara is that the Mother who is worshipped under different forms such as Tripura, Kalika and so on and it is because of Her that the creation keeps going and that she is all in all.
The goddess says that she is Prakriti hidden in Chidananda (eternal bliss).  In this state there’s no creation, destruction or maintenance. Neither present is Brahma, Hari or Shambhu or other Devas. No attachment, suffering or liberation. There isn’t piety, theism, japa, guru or sishya. The goddess covers herself in her own Maya, becomes Vikarini when the Vikaras or tattvas arise in Mulaprakriti. Brahma, Hari and Shambhu appear, and with them the Triloka and the five elements (Panchabhootam). This highly potent yagya will be conducted during Krishna paksha in Saptami thithi.

Significance of Kulachudamani Tantra Homam on Saptami Thithi 

The yagya, a rare and unprecedented one, invokes the powers of supreme trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and also Athidevata and Prathidevata. By performing the yagya on Saptami, Goddess Durga gets pleased easily and showers her blessings generously on the devotees. Also, all attributes that one acquire from the ritual are doubled.

What One Gains From Kulachudamani Homam

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam

* The ritual removes all doshas from birth to death

* Has the power to attract all needs in different aspects of life like business, education, career, finance etc.

* One gets the power of Ashta Siddhis along with the blessings of the gods

* It destroys unseen enemies and lifts your career status

* It’s a divine protection during troubled times



Divine Additions of the Day

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam - Masani Amman Temple PoojaMasani Amman Temple Pooja - Located amidst beautiful locales in Anamalai, is a divine shrine dedicated to Masani Amman. The temple, approximately 15 miles from Pollachi attracts a large number of devotees. Operating as a land of problem solving, devotees write their aspirations, hopes and dreams on a piece of paper and hand it over to the head priest who in turn places it on the trident of the deity. It is firmly believed that the goddess addresses to the problems within a period of 90 days. Lord Rama had rested in a grave yard (Shmasani), while he was on his way to Lanka. He made a statue of the goddess in reclining position and worshipped Her regularly.  A puja in this temple solves problems of loss in business, enemy harassments, puberty related issues, black magic and evil eyes.


Kulachudamani Tantra Homam - Mahishasuramardini YantraEnergised Mahishasuramardini Yantra – Goddess Mahishasuramardini manifested to wipe out evil. She conquers all fears and Her yantra destroys negativity in the form of anger, grudge, ego, etc from mind, body and soul.

The yantra, removes Karma and also grants victory over calamities. It further gives stability, peace and higher liberation.

Usher in prosperity and positivity by placing the yantra in your puja altar and worshipping it everyday.


Energised Durga Statue – Durga means invincible, and is a very powerful form of Goddess Maha Shakti. From her power emanates knowledge and beauty and like her armour the trident, she represents creation, preservation and destruction.  This beautiful piece, has the goddess seated on her lion mount with all weapons intact. A symbol of divine grace and power, the energised Durga statue protects you against evil, emits positive vibrations and blesses you and loved ones with everlasting prosperity. Keep the energised idol for worship and perform puja everyday to get blessings of the deity so that you can be happy forever.  

Maha Shivaratri: Receive one whole year of blessings with a single night introspection for Lord Shiva

Maha Shivaratri is just not another festival it’s a cosmic definition of how to protect the universe. It makes one aware of the universe, heralds the spring after the cold and dry winter, drives out ignorance, emits the light of knowledge and invokes the auspicious powers of Lord Shiva. An all night vigil, fast and worship on the day gives the equivalent or more benefit for one whole year of meditating on Lord Shiva. It is also equal to performing the Ashwamedha yagya, a ritual carried out by kings of yore to ascertain their supremacy. Vedicfolks is performing the Athi Rudra Maha yagya on the most auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri which is equal to doing Rudra Chamakam parayanam for one yuga.


Athi Rudra Homam On Maha Shivaratri 2018

Most Powerful Worship For Lord Shiva To Gain 11 Times The Power Of Maha Rudram

Scheduled Live on February 13, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

Maha Shivratri RitualsAthi Rudram: The Ultimate Form of Worship of Lord Shiva          

Sage Satapatha in his treatise ‘Maharnava Karma Vipaka’ listed four types of abhisheka procedures compatible with Vedic and scriptural lore and abhisheka is the Lord’s favourite form of worship. These are Rudram, Ekadasa Rudram, Maha Rudram and Athi Rudram – each being more potent than the preceding one. Of these, the most potent form of Athi Rudram involves 14641 Rudrams (Rudram is a combination of Namakam and Chamakam given in Rudradhyayam in the fifth Prapathakam of the fourth Kanda of Krishna Yajur Veda Samhita).

Namaka recited once along with recital of Chamaka once constitutes one Rudram.

11 recitations of Namakam + 1 Anuvaka of Chamakam is called Ekadasa Rudram i.e. after chanting the Namakam, the first anuvaka of Chamakam is chanted afterwards, then another round of Namakam is chanted followed by the second Anuvaka of Chamakam, and so on until the 11th chanting of Namakam is followed by the 11th Anuvaka of Chamakam.

  • 11 rounds of Ekadasa Rudram chanting is one Laghu Rudram

  • 11 round of Laghu Rudram chanting is one Maha Rudram

  • 11 rounds of Maha Rudram chanting is one Athi Rudram

  So, there are 14,641 Namakams (11×11×11×11) and 1,331 Chamakams (11×11×11) in one Athi Rudram.

Athi Rudram Homam: Dissolves Life-Time Load of Karma

Mere words cannot express the powers and benefit of this great ritual and one is blessed a million times to just see and participate in this divine procedure. The Athi Rudram Yagya is performed for ‘Loka Kalyana’, general prosperity as well as to ensure universal peace and harmony. The day of Maha Shivarathri is the most apt for this ritual as it praises and salutes the lord who is also called Rudra. The Athi Rudram purifies us of all negative energies, relieves us from Karma, and protects from natural calamities. The Athi Rudra Maha Homam destroys sorrows and provides ‘loka kshema’ (peace to the world).

How This Yagya Can Be Useful To You

  • The entire human race is benefitted as it grants peace and prosperity
  • Your life time karma gets dissolved quickly
  • True knowledge and wisdom are gained
  • All diseases are cured and prevented
  • It removes obstacles and misfortunes
  • Wealth and prosperity flourishes in your home
  • It helps acquire health and longevity
  • Also, ultimate goal of liberation can be achieved
  • It leads to realisation of the absolute supreme consiousness
Here are the other special rituals on Maha Shivaratri that add more significance:-

Maha Shivratri - ekadasa rudra poojaEkadasa Rudra Puja For a Blessed Family Relationship

Ekadasa Rudra puja invokes the powers of eleven forms of Rudras and their consorts. Mahadeva (the supreme), Shiva (the auspicious), Maha Rudra (destroyer of sorrows), Shankara (destroyer of doubts), Neelalohita (blue throated), Eshana Rudra (ruler of north east), Vijaya Rudra (victorious), Bheema Rudra (the tremendous), Devadeva (lord of lords), Bhavobhava (the origin of existence) and Adityamaka Sri Rudra (one who lives in the soul). It’s easy to please Lord Shiva with this yagya and he ensures a long life, prevents premature death and protects you and loved ones. The puja helps to expand your assets, remove sins, and gain victory over enemies.

Athi Rudra Maha Homam -Gauri Shankar PujaGauri Shankar Puja Removes Marriage Obstacles

The deity of Ekadasa Rudra Puja is also Lord Gauri Shankar. The manifestation of Shiva and Shakthi as a couple holds great significance for ordinary mortals like us.
A puja to them gives great miracle blessings like removing obstacles in marriage, for progeny blessings, helps find best possible life partners, and brings peace and harmony in married life.