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Jyestha Nakshatra

and Indra Devata Homam


Significance of Jyestha Nakshatra

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is one of the notable stars in the Vedic astronomy area; the nakshatra is the main or elder star. A circular amulet or an umbrella are the symbols of this nakshatra which embodies the protective nature of the principal for people born under its influence. Lord Indra is the mighty deity linked with Jyeshtha nakshatra. He is the ruler of lightning, thunder, and skies and is represented by a bull.

Lord Indra is also known as the eradicator of demons who also signifies that he wards off the demonic energies from the people born under Jyeshtha nakshatra’s influence. Mercury is the planet that represents the nakshatra, and the supreme Lord Shiva is the primary devata linked with this nakshatra. The main planets these star covers are the Scorpio, and its fundamental padas are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Swathi Nakshatra Homam

Boons of Jyestha Nakshatra

Here are a few positive elements linked with Jyeshtha nakshatra-

  • People with Jyeshtha nakshatra are quite authoritative; they are good at execution and administration.
  • People with this nakshatra are quite good at fulfilling duties and accomplishing responsibilities.
  • The nakshatra is quite favorable for controlling things and making good decisions.
  • People with Jyeshtha nakshatra are quite emotional and loving. They have the immense calibre to organize activities.
  • The Jyeshtha nakshatra blesses people with disciplined nature and the passionate will to attain great feats in life.

Banes of Jyestha Nakshatra

Here are a few negative aspects linked with Jyeshtha Nakshatra-

  • People with Jyeshtha nakshatra are likely to suffer more instances of depression, anxiety, and pain.
  • The nakshatra triggers negative impacts such as restlessness and insomnia.
  • People with Jyeshtha nakshatra are a little selfish and also have serious anger issues.

If you are born under the influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra, then make sure that you are aware of all its aspects and prospects. Without knowing about this star completely, you will not make the most out of it. If you want to fetch only positive elements out of the nakshatra, then make sure you get a Homam performed for the same. The Homam will help you please this nakshatra and Indra deity, who rules the nakshatra. Without any wait, contact us and get Jyeshtha Nakshatra and Indra deity Homam for your benefit.

2 Hours Package
USD 275.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 501 Ahurthis
5 Hours Package
USD 1,299.00
  • No of Priest - 5
  • Up to 10008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • No of Priest - 07 to 10 Priest
  • Up to 125000 Ahurthis