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Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Grants Courage, Energy, Removes Doshas And Gives Immense Peace


Significance of Dwatrimshath-Bhuja avatar of Hanuman

Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman is the most powerful, fierce and courageous aspect of Lord Hanuman. In this incarnation, Lord Hanuman has thirty-two arms, each loaded with powerful weapons. This manifestation of Lord Hanuman is called Virat because it has tremendous powers and enormous will. A prominent legend linked with Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman includes king Somadatta. The mighty King once lost the hold on his kingdom in a battle, and his kingdom was snatched from his control. Then, king Somadatta worshipped Lord Hanuman in his Dwatrimshath Bhuja incarnation with ultimate devotion and dedication.

Lord Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman blessed the king with the power and strength to overcome all the odds and regain control of this kingdom. This aspect of Lord Hanuman also assisted Devas in fighting disturbing situations and evolving as glorious winners. Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman is that aspect of the mighty Hanuman that can change its shape anytime according to his liking and need.

About Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

In Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Homam, a fire kund or a sacrificial fire is lightened, and other arrangements are made. Rituals occur, and priests chant mantras and shlokas to please the mighty Lord.

Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following Dhyana Shloka is prominently chanted during ritual’s proceedings:

“Khagam Khadvanga Sailadruma Parasu Gadha Pustakam Sankachakre|
Pasam Padam Trishulam Hala Musala Ghataan Tankasaktyaksha Malaha||
Dandam Va Kunta Charma Chalitha Kuravara Pattisam Chapabanaan|
Khetam Mustim Phalam Va Dhamaru Mabhibhaje Bibhratam Vayusunam!”|| 

Boons of Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following are a few notable benefits of Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam:

  • Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman Homam brings peace and happiness to life.
  • Lord Hanuman, in this aspect, keeps all the negativity and evil forces away.
  • This Homam captivates the energy of Dwatrimshath Bhuja Hanuman’s influence and pours it into life.
  • The fire ritual removes destructive influences and brings abundance and tranquillity.
  • The Homam grants courage and vigour to overcome adversity and live life with stability.
  • The Homam adores life with powers of consciousness and spiritual awakening.
  • This Homam grants power to fight any negative incident and catastrophe.
  • The Homam nurtures life with immense peace and serenity.

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