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Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Obtain Boons of Wealth, Fortune, Wisdom & Happiness


Significance of Chaturbhuja avatar of Hanuman

Chaturbhuja Hanuman is a prominent manifestation of supreme Lord Hanuman. It is one of the most dominant avatars of the commanding godhead Hanuman. Mighty Hanuman, in this aspect, has four arms, each implying a significant word. The rear arms hold Chakra and Shankh. They are also closely attributed to the supreme Lord Vishnu. His one hand is in Abhaya mudra, which implies peace and stability. Another hand is in Varada mudra, which means that he bestows immense boons in this aspect. On the third hand, Chaturbhuja Hanuman carries a fruit that symbolizes fulfillment and sustenance. He lays the fourth hand on his consort, signifying alliance and affection.

Chaturbhuja, an avatar of Lord Hanuman, is also linked with Lord Vishnu. Because it closely resembles the Kalki or Varaha incarnation of supreme Vishnu. A prominent legend linked with Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar is that in this incarnation, Lord Hanuman helped an underprivileged Vedic scholar called Kapila. He blessed the scholar with utmost prosperity, abundance and happiness.

About Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

For the execution of Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam, a complete arrangement is set. A fire kund comprising sacrificial fire is lightened. The priests chant mantras and shlokas in admiration of Chaturbhuja Hanuman. Other rituals and proceedings to please Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar and his aura and blessings are captivated.

a Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following Dhyan shloka is chanted primarily during Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam proceedings:

“Ekenabhayadam Parena Varadham – Bhojya Param Chapare|
Anyenapi Suvarchala Kuchayugam – Hasthena Sambhibrataha||
Karunyamrutha Purnalochana Yugam –Peetambaralankrutam|
Ramyam Vayusutam Chatur Bujayutam Dhyaye Hanumath Prabhum”|| 

Boons of Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Here are a few major boons of Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam:

  • Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam brings peace, stability and immense abundance
  • This Homam brings the great blessings of Chaturbhuja Hanuman Avatar.
  • The Homam safeguards life from disturbing incidents and elements, nurturing it with only happiness.
  • This Homam grants protection from all enemies and negative forces. It grants immense boons and blessings.
  • This auspicious fire ritual adores life with serenity and euphoria.
  • The Homam revives life with perseverance, spiritual awakening and consciousness.
  • This Homam brings an aura of rejuvenation and enthusiasm to life.

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